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Psalms 115:16
"The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD′s: but the earth hath he given to the children of men."
There are some people who do not have to search, they find their niche early in life and rest there, seemingly contented and resigned. Most of these ones never travel more than a hundred or so miles from the place of their birth.
However, there are a few of us, the wayƒarers, who begin early in life traveling across this land camping under skies filled with stars. In our travels we traverse canyons, explore caves, cross deserts, wend through forests, examine geological wonders, summit mountains, ford rivers, stand on the shores of great seas, walk near to volcanoes and paddle through vast waterways.
This gallery explores a few of these places we would have the circumstances to travel to and as we journey, we are taking note as to the marvels of the creation.

Geochronology is from the Greek words: (1) geo meaning earth, (2) chrono meaning time and (3) logy meaning study of. Thus geochronology is the study of the dates and order of events in the history of the earth, including it′s beginning.
This study tells us that the Earth is more than four and a half billion years old. How can a person wrap their mind around the immense time period this involves? Well, today, we measure our life span in years, but then we divide the years into months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Likewise, geologist divide the time the earth has been here into first eons, then eras, periods, epochs and ages.
Please Note that the chart directly below is not to scale. Notice the two eons on the top of the chart and the time span below associated with each eon.
The Precambian eon is four billion years long while the Phanerozoic eon, which takes up about two thirds of the chart is only one-half billion years long.

The Wise Men
One thing is certain, everything that you see in the chart below (except for that in Blue) has been conceived by the wise men of this world, those who have taken no consideration as to what the Bible tells us about the events during the creation of the earth, the animals and man.
Be assured, the Bible is not a fairy tale, neither is it conjecture or an opinion of some men, rather it is the unadulterated truth from the Creator Himself.
The Geochronology
(m2aa-20201218.1400) The Times of the Earth 1

The Two Eons
There are two eons in the lifespan of the earth, the first, called Precambian and the second, called Phanerozoic. The first eon began 4.6 billion years ago (bya) and lasted until 541 million years ago (mya).
The second eon has lasted from 541 million years ago to the present (myp), about one half billion years, and is the current eon. It is the second of the two eons that is associated with the appearance of life on the earth.
The Phanerozoic eon is divided into three divisions called eras. The oldest is called the Paleaozic era beginning 541 mya and ending 252 mya. The second, call the Mesozoic era began 252 mya and ended 66 mya. The third and youngest, called the Cenozioc era began 66 myp.
Each of the eras are divided into divisions called periods. The Cenozioc era has three periods, the oldest one is the Paleogene period, 66 mya to 23 mya. Next is the Neogene period, 23 mya to 2.6 mya and the youngest is the Quaternary period from 2.6 myp.
Each of the periods are divided into divisions called epochs. The Quaternary period has two epoch, the Pleistocene epoch, 2.6 mya to .012 mya, and the Holocene epoch .012 myp (or 12 thousand years ago to present). Epochs are divided into Ages of which there are way too many to enumerate and for that matter could even fit on the above chart.
In fact, in researching the time line of the earth, I have found pages and pages on the subject, too many to spend any more time on. So, I have created this chart with representative time periods so that when I do research, I have a chart to view which will help me understand when all these big word fit into the time line.

The Earth is full of Wonders!
All over the earth, no matter where we travels, it is imperative that we stop and examine our surroundings. There are so many natural wonders everywhere you look, and many of these wonders are so worth stopping to see. When you drive any place, schedule plenty of time for exploring the earth, you will be glad you did.
One thing to remember, though, you will not find many if any of these natural wonders in the city. No, the only things normally found in the city are concrete, crime, and contaminated water.

The Canyons Go Down Go Up
The Canyons Gallery
Grand Canyon
(m2cn-gra.20090925.1742) The Canyons, Grand Canyon, AZ

The Caves Go Down Go Up
The Caves Gallery
Carlsbad Caverns
(m2cv-car.20091024.0859) The Caves, Carlsbad Caverns, NM

The Deserts Go Down Go Up
The Deserts Gallery
Saguaro Desert
(m2de-saguaro.20101024.0859) The Deserts, Saguaro Desert, AZ

The Forests Go Down Go Up
The Forest Gallery
Glacier Forest
(m2fo-gla.20090516.1036) The Forest, Glacier Forest, MT

The Regions Go Down Go Up
The Regions Gallery
Guadalupe Peak
(m2mo-gua.20091024.1530) The Regions, Guadalupe Peak, TX

The Volcanoes Go Down Go Up
The Volcanoes Gallery
Mount Saint Helens
(m2vo-saint.20130517.1552) The Volcanos, Mount Saint Helens, WA

The Waterways Go Down Go Up
The Waterways Galley
Deception Pass
(m2wa-sea-salishsea-deception.20090722.1108) The Waterways, Deception Pass, WA

The Wonders Go Down Go Up
The Geological Wonders
Grand Prismatic Spring
(m2wo-grand.20090521.1000) The Wonders, Grand Prismatic Spring, WY

This chart is according to the wise men of this world and not necessary according to that which is in the Bible. However, the Bible at 1 Corinthians 1:19 tells us: For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.

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