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(jur′nul) [ME journal] n. 1a. A daily chronicle written by a wayƒarer. -n. jour. 1b. The Journal Passage explains this web site′s features. -n. fig. jour. 3. God's Word the Bible. 1 (See quire in the Glossary)

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THE SINGLE POSSESSION a wayƒarer is never without and something read from daily is a Bible. In fact, it is not out of the ordinary for a wayƒarer to wear out his Bible from reading it cover to cover many times. For a wayƒarer afoot, the Bible is purposely small, light in weigh and often covered for protection. Always, it is kept in an outside pocket so it can be accessed quickly for his frequent perusing.
When reading it′s pages and upon finding a profundity that touches the heart, a wayƒarer will mark this treasures for future reference. Often, it becomes a wayƒarer′s personally held belief that the treasures upon the Bible′s pages are most worthy of talking to others about. 1 Peter 2:21.
From reading accounts written by first century Christians, it can be discerned that Jesus′ disciples found it not only worthwhile but imperative to talk to everyone they met, about their master and the good news of the Kingdom he preached about, an example clearly worth imitating. Luke 4:43.
Those wayƒarers who pack and read the King James Bible may come across the verse wherein is found their namesake Wayƒarer, this verse being found at Isaiah 35:8. 2
In fact, many a wayƒarer have previously read this verse which subsequently provides motivation to quest after this so expressed Way of Holiness mentioned therein and in doing so develop a desire to live their life as a wayƒarer, that is, one who would walk on this very same way the verse refers to.
Thus, a wayƒarer, because of a deeply held desires to know God and to walk upon His Way of Holiness, often will travel afoot for several years thinking this is what the verse directs a wayƒarer to do.
However, despite what any wayƒarer previously believes, a person searching for God need not travel a path afoot on some remote mountaintop but instead this one will come to understand that a wayƒarer must needs be one who in every aspect of life seeks the LORD, seeks righteousness and seeks meekness as instructed at Zephaniah 2:3, another verse often marked as a treasure by wayƒarers. 2
As a wayƒarer continues walking upon the path, both the one afoot and the one of reading the Bible, the understanding from the wisdom found in the Bible will inevitably come; one who would walk on the Way of Holiness is an individual, who is not one who just walks on a dirt path, but is one who during his life journey, has with a complete heart, come to know God personally and is one who endeavors to live a life focused on doing the Will of God. (2 Chronicles 16:9 , 1 John 2:17)
   The Wayƒarer
Thus, as a wayƒarer journeys, much wax will be burned to provide light for perusing the Bible, as he knows that much is acquired from the daily reading of it.
As spiritual knowledge advances and a depth of understanding has been acquired, a wayƒarer begins to gain the soundness and clarity of judgment characteristic of wisdom which as it begins to deeply affect his heart becomes wisdom from God. (James 3:17) (Proverbs 4:5, 6, 7)
Yes, a wayƒarer can not help but learn much from his experiences on these two juxtaposing paths; the path afoot and the path walking in God′s word, nor will he ever regret either path he has taken in quest for The Way of Holiness.

Unless otherwise indicated, all scriptural quotations on this website are from the Authorized Version of the King James Bible.
The King James Bible, and other English versions have similar rendering of Isaiah 35:8.

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