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(ah-pen′diks) [Latin appendage + ix (noun suffix)] n. jour. 1. The Wayƒarers Journal uses The Appendix Passage for explanatory, health research, statistical, website info, and whistleblower finds. 1

The Quest for Fellowship Go Down Go Up
Near the end of 2018, the founder and chairman, Thom Buras, gave us notice the he would like to hold a meeting some time early in 2019 with the publishers and the crew at TWJ. He indicated that he would like to invite all of the associates of this website to this meeting. Upon telling us of this meeting, he also informed us that during this meeting, he will disclose the new quest that The Wayƒarers Journal will now be striving towards.
He said this has been his goal for a long time, but before this meeting, he needed to meditate and pray more about a Bible verse he has been studying. (Proverbs 3: 5 , 6 , 7 , 9 , 10)
We were all in quite suspense on the day of the meeting, when Thom arrives and after shaking hands with many of his close friends, walks to the front of the room, sets his coffee cup down on the table and turns to look at all those who are here.
He begins by saying, I am so very grateful to have as many good friends that I have been blessed to enjoy fellowship with, but especially all of you who have come here today, and truly look forward to much sharing together.
Still, is it not true that we all look forward to meeting those new friends who would join us in our worldwide brotherhood. In fact, he says, just the other day, while answering a text message from a woman who responded to our offer of a free copy of Episode One, it was during that text conversation, when she asked me "Would you like to be my Friend?" to which I answered her, yes.
I have not really gotten to know her yet, but by coming into acquaintance with myself, she will also have the opportunity to become acquainted with our fellowship, and in doing so, doesn′s she stands to gain quite bit more precious possessions and received blessings than just a free book. Yes, for her to become a part of our worldwide brotherhood will provide her much more of the gifts of God that all of here already have begun to experience and now treasure.

Friends and Fellowship
Continuing, he tells all in attendance that the new Quest of The Wayƒarers Journal has a theme, which is Friends and Fellowship. This quest, he says, will include our endeavor to help more and more people come to know about the brotherhood of the wayƒarers that we all here have come to learn about and hold dear to our hearts. Too, by our sharing with them these blessings of our fellowship, we also hope to help them to come to know the God who we worship.
He then reminds us that it is the heart felt desire of all of us here to do the will of God and then asks, Would we not also wish to include this desire to do his will in our secular affairs? That, my dear friends, is the new Quest of our website, to make known to others the most high God, Jehovah, who we serve. (Psalm 83:18)

The Quest of this Website
Thom continues, In the past, this website had allowed paid advertising in order to help support our cost. However, from this point forward, and in keeping with the admonitions at Proverbs 3:5-10, The Wayƒarers Journal will no longer accept paid commercial advertisements, and we are doing thusly so that our website may stand as different and apart from the greedy commercial industry of this world.
Previously, the website for The Wayƒarers Journal has never charged a fee for any information provided within the Appendix Passage and all such information will continue to be free of charge with no advertisements in any of the pages.
I know that currently, we allow for the crew to advertise and sell some of their possession in the Burden Passage at TWJ store. However, so as to remove all connection to the commercial industry, this too will be discontinued immediately. Instead, any of us here, and that includes myself, who wish to sell their possessions should use other venues in the future. Talk to me after the meeting if you need suggestions.
Too, until this change goes into full effect, we will still be selling the remaining proof copies that we still have in stock, but even these will be sold at our cost.
When these last paperback books in inventory are sold, then The Wayƒarers Journal website will only provide digital copies of all of our publications, allowing the paperback versions to be sold through the commercial sellers.
The Wayƒarers Journal will continue to provide the digital version of each of the Episodes, and these will always be available for free. However, for anyone who wishes to do so, there will also be a button provided for donations.

Final Words
Thank you all for coming today, I will be here for a bit longer to answer any questions you may have. Then, I must needs return to my work of giving praise to the most high God. If I do not get to spend much time with you today, then we will have ample time in the paradise to do so.
Godspeed on your journey and may all of God′s blessings be forever upon you. See ya above the Treeline!

The Wayƒarers Journal, together with the owners, publishiers and associates, in keeping with the Quest of this website, desire to provide a free service to any and all who would wish to learn truth about the Most High God (Psalm 83:18). Thus, this website shall be maintained in a non profit status in which there shall be no advertisement nor sales of any type found anywhere within the pages of this website.
Furthermore, this website promotes truth, absolute truth, that truth which is only found in God′s Word, the Bible. Thus, at times, you may read something that is not found in social or other popular venues. However, please know, that to be informed of this truth is crucial for gaining the knowledge that leads to everlasting life. But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. (John 4:23; John 4:24)
Also, you will find whistleblower information on some page which will expose wrong teaching, including those dealing with religious beliefs and practices that conflict with the truth in the Bible. Who should be the one to determine what the truth is? The simple answer is the Creator and God of us all, Jehovah and he does explains this truth in his Word the Bible.

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See Ya above the Treeline!

This Passage Last Updated: 11 September 2021

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