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(bird´n) [ME birthen < OE byrthen] n. 1a. Things one possesses. -n. jour. 1b. The Burden Passage explores what a wayƒarer believes is necessary to carry. (See burden in the Glossary)

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ACCORDING to an English language dictionary, the word burden is associated with that which is undesirable even oppressive, that which is heavy and borne with difficulty or that which is emotionally difficult to bear.
However, throughout the journeys traveled by most wayƒarers, the word burden takes on an added association, particularly one of life preserving.
Thus, the burden become both that which is borne by a wayƒarer and also what bears a wayƒarer.
The Burden Passage
(b0-20100112.1718) Seen while above 10,000 feet near Santuario La Mesa, México
The former refers to that which is carried with much difficulty due to the often oppressive weight. The later refers to all of those things which cover, ensconce, protect and sustain a wayƒarer during the journey.
However, of primary importance of any collection of things that a wayƒarer could accumulate, is to keep it simple, yes, the entire life of a wayƒarer must be a simple life. As discovered while first backpacking on the Appalachian Trail, a hundred pounds of lightweight backpacking gear still weights a hundred pounds. Therefore, the burden, like all aspects of a wayƒarer life must be kept to a minimum, kept simple. (Matthew 6:22)
The concept of the word single in the verse is singleness of mind or focus on one purpose. If our focus is on things, we will not have time for the more important things in life, such as our worship which include time to study the Bible, share what we are learning with others and meeting with the brotherhood of Christian. In fact, the joy we receive when we serve God far surpasses any joy we can have by increasing our Burden. (Ecclesiastes 5:12)
Furthermore, being totally convinced that serving God is the single most important of all our endeavors, is crucial to our well being and life. (Psalm 19:8) (2 Corinthians 1:12)

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