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(jur´knee) [ME before 1200 CE journee] n. 1a. Travel from place to place. -n. jour. 1b. The Journey Passage explores the life journey of the seven wayƒarers. (See journey in the Glossary)

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THE TRAVEL FROM ONE place to another began with a young man who was soon to embark upon what he at first believed would only be a summer′s adventure.
However, this adventure as he soon came to realize was not just for one summer but soon became three years of travel as these three years transformed into a course of passages from one life experience to another.
The Wayƒarer
(w0-19790708) Afoot Atop Moosilauke, New Hampshire
During those initial three years, this man came to experience much that was totally different from his upbringing and early life. Later, he accepted a work assignment that caused him to move across the country again not just once, but on several occasions.
In fact, he acknowledges that he has traveled much in his life; even during the twenty five years in the northwest area of the continent, work often required him to go elsewhere to different places on and off the continent.
Even now in his life journey, he finds himself moving often. In fact, whenever he comes to a location, especially during a winter hiatus, he often finds himself yearning for the journey on, desirous to pack out and retire to the road again soon.
Thus is the struggle that a wayƒarer often faces during his life journey.

The Journeys to Katahdin and Zion Go Down Go Up
(j1-20150704.0913) The Mighty Mountain, Katahdin
(j1-20091002.1551) The Zion Mountain, Utah

The Journey to L′Acadie Go Down Go Up
(j2-20150529.1402) The Coast of L′Acadie

The Journey to Lenapehoking Go Down Go Up
(photo credit: Nicholas, @ Delaware Water Gap, NJ

The Journey to Mariposa Go Down Go Up
(j4-20100107.0758) The Chincua Sanctuary for Mariposa

The Journey to Sulphur Springs Go Down Go Up
Sulphur Springs
(j5-20150824.0643) Sunrise in the Rocky Mountains

The Journey to Bear Lake Go Down Go Up
Bear Lake
(j6-20140825.1936) Sunset over The Lake at Big Bear

The Journey to Sabbath Day Pond Go Down Go Up
Sabbath Day Pond
(j7-Art by Loni) The Lake at Sabbath Pond

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