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(jur´knee) [ME before 1200 CE journee] n. 1a. Travel from place to place. -n. jour. 1b. The Journey Passage explores the Journey On of the seven wayƒarers. (See journey in the Glossary)

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THE TRAVEL FROM ONE place to another began with a young man who was soon to embark upon what he at first believed would only be a summer′s adventure.
However, this adventure as he soon came to realize was not just for one season but soon became three years of travel as these three years transformed from a summer adventure into a course of passages from one life experience to another.
The Wayƒarer
(w0-19790708) Tommy Michel Afoot Atop Moosilauke, NH
During those initial three years, this man came to experience much that was totally different from his upbringing and early life. Later, he accepted a work assignment that caused him to move across the country again not just once, but on several occasions.
In fact, he acknowledges that he has traveled during much in his life; even during the twenty five years of living in the northwest area of the continent, work often required him to go elsewhere to different places on and off the continent.
Even now in his life journey, he finds himself resuming the Journey On often. In fact, whenever he comes to a location, especially during a summer or winter sojourn, he often finds himself yearning for the Journey On, desirous to pack out and retire to the road again soon, looking forward to be unfettered, footloose, and free to search for the solitude, simplicity and solace he so needs.
Thus is the struggle that a wayƒarer often faces during his life journey.

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These are our Episodes
The seven wayfarers, separately embark upon a quest to find the meaning of life by choosing to journey afield as thru hikers afoot on the Appalachian Trail. Nearing the end of their 2000 mile wrest, while deep within the Maine wilderness, each arrive at Sabbath Day Pond to pass the night on the evening of Saturday, 21 July 1979. Sitting around the fire, the seven each relate their hardships and joys experienced while thru hiking the trail, during which discussion, all wholeheartedly agree that traveling upon this journey with other thru hikers has been the most amazingly wonderful companionship and sharing that each has ever before experienced.
That night, when one of the seven thru hikers asks the others, "When we are no longer walking on this foot path, where can we go to experience this same feather of camaradery and fellowship?" not one of the seven is able to come forth with an answer to this question.
Later that season, all of the seven wayfarers complete their own end-to-end thru hike of the Appalachian Trail, after which each of these seven separately and unbeknownst to the others, spend their lives searching for the answer to the question asked that night fireside.
Many decades later, the seven wayfarers return and camp together again at Sabbath Day Pond. When all are drawn near to the fire, enjoying the fellowship, we take turns to tell the story of how we each came to all acquire our common hope of living forever in paradise.
Everyone has a story to tell, the seven episodes are ours.

Episode One: Journey to Katahdin
To read more of Tommy Michel′s story, his search for meaning in life, please download the finished book The Wayƒarers Journal, Journey to Katahdin, This book is a finished digital publication in the .PDF format. (donations accepted)
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Episode Three: Journey to Lenapehoking
Long ago, before the white faces cross over the great waters in their wind catcher canoes, we the Lenape (the original people) settled inland along the great river just beyond the big turn. We call our camp Wawayanda (water on the mountain) because this is a well watered place.
An unfinished digital proof copy is now available of Episode Three. Even thought this book is available to the public, we make it available here primarily for providing access to our proof readers.
This proof book can be downloaded Free only at: The Wayƒarers Store

Upcoming Episodes
Too, other Episodes are upcoming, all of which will only be found at The Wayƒarers Journal here on this website.

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