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(mount´n) [ME mountaine] n. 1a. Naturally raised area of the earth. -n. jour 1b. The Mountain Passage is a wayƒarers′ photojournalist gallery. (See definition 3 & 4 of the mountain in the Glossary.)

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THE MOUNTAIN is truly an amazing gift from God, one promising to augment the entire selƒ. The mountain physically embraces and satisfies every need of the Me, it mentally consoles and encourages the Myselƒ and it spiritually enlightens the I profoundly.
The physical abode of the mountain is a place that remains in all respects remote and difficult to achieve.
Mentally, the braves achieved upon it provide untold feelings of accomplishment despite any number of attempts necessary.
Emotionally, the needs of a wayƒarer diminish proportionally to time spent thereupon.
Spiritually, the mountain provides a wide vista from atop its summits stretching across valleys, lakes, forest, and ridges to the fog-enshrouded horizons; a perspective which enhancing a wayƒarer′s search for God during the times of silence.
   The Wayƒarer
Too, the mountain is often used to represent what many yearn for; the means to achieve a personal relationship with God. Thus it is thereupon, after achieving the remote and difficult, that one can find the solace that is so well sought after.
Every thing that is part of and within the realm of the mountain: the braves, the fauna, the flora, the forests, the paths, the rocks, the roots, the ruts, the rain, the sky, the snow, the solitude, the sun, the toils, the views, the waters, and even the human inhabitants are all included in that which a solace seeking wayƒarer may partake of and share with others, in the search for guiding principles for his betterment and to ultimately achieve his goal of spiritual enlightenment.
And as a wayƒarer journeys, much wax will be burned to provide light for reading the Bible. Yes, a wayƒarer can not but learn much from his experiences on these juxtaposing paths; the path afoot or afield and the path traveled within God′s word.

A Wayƒarers′ Photojournalist Gallery
Since the inception of the journey on, each of the wayfarers, have as part of the burden, begun to carry a digital camera and in doing so, have the desire to capture as photographs the wonders found upon the way.
Too, The Mountain passage is now being used as the medium where which these many photos are displayed and interpreted.
Almost all of the subject matter of this gallery will be from the North American continent due to the travel destinations currently available for photography.
The pages that follow are the subjects covered in a wayfarers′ photo gallery, the list being in the menu above and to the left under The Mountain Passage.

Classification of The Creation
Many people are interested in ways to classify all aspects of the natural world, which, methinks is a natural human instinct to try and give labels to all things. This is not a bad instinct as many times it allows an easier path to understanding that which is being classified.
However, when a person endeavors to classify natural things, it must be with the understanding that any classification design is entirely man made and the creation may not necessary follow their classification design exactly as they would desire.
In fact, there will always be exceptions to any classification design, and more often than not, many things will fall into more than one category in the classification.
Keep this in mind when you examine this photo gallery, that the classification design may not fit the design of the creation, sometimes, not even coming close.

Credits and Copyrights
© Copyright of all photos, art, maps and all written content created by this website belong to The Wayƒarer′s Journal. (See Copyright notice below and if you have not done so yet, please read and comply with the Terms of Use)
Photographs from outside sources may be used for a time until a photographer associated with The Wayƒarer′s Journal provides a suitable replacement.
All credit will begin with the file location and then follow with the copyright owner information: (m#-???-??-owner). Thus, throughout this web site: photos, art work and maps, will have photo credits with two format types.

Photo Credits
Photo Credit: first format: (m#-???-??-yyyy-mmdd.hhmm), indicates that the photo was taken by a staff photographer. This credit designates first provide the file location (m#-???-??), and then the second area (-yyyy-mmdd.hhmm) indicates the year, the date and the time that the photo was taken. 1
Photo Credit: second format: (m???-??-title) (photo credit: indicates someone not associated with The Wayƒarer′s Journal. Copyright of these photos belongs to the named owner and/or website.

Artwork Credits
Artwork-Map Credit, first format: (m???-??-title), indicates that the artwork or map drawing was created by a staff artist. This credit designates first both the file location and the name of the artwork or map drawing.
Artwork-Map Credit, second format: Any artwork created by an outside source will have the format of (m???-??-title) (art/map Credit: Copyright of this artwork belongs to the named owner and/or website.

Previously, this format was in the form: m#??-yyyymmdd.hhmm and this format may still be seen in some places in this photo gallery. However, this format is fast being changed to the new format as shown above in the paragraph.

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