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The Quest for Solace Go Down Go Back
Proverbs 8: 1, 2
"Doth not wisdom cry? and understanding put forth her voice? She standeth in the top of high places, by the way in the places of the paths."
This gallery is that search for the way in the places of the path.
The Steps of a Wayƒarer
As the name implies, a wayƒarer is one who travels on the way, be it afoot or afield. Whatever his choice, he finds that traveling to see the land is a meaningful part of his existence and in the doing so, he is always in quest for Solace.
Many a wayƒarer will start off his wayƒaring afoot and travel some of the many foot paths that cross this large continent.
As the years begin to encroach upon a wayƒarer, most times, he will choose to travel by a means other than afoot. This is where the choice to travel afield begins.
The Steps of a Wayƒarer
(m6aa.197907w) The Steps of a Wayƒarer

The Summit Trail Go Down Go Up
The Continued Quest for Solace
In his quest for solace, most every wayƒarers who lifts a pack to his back and takes to the mountain will at some point in his wandering, ascend a summit trail. Most summit trails are not for the weekend warriors but for the seasoned backpacker. Many summit trails take more than a day to ascend, some take many days. A few involve many campsites on the ascent.
The last camp on the way up just before the final climb to the summit is what I have always called Camp Seven. Too, the camp is normally a short way off the main summit trail, has a good water source and is protected from the elements. The side (blue blaze) trail to camp seven is one that I have given the name of The Camp Seven Path.
Also, after many summit trails over the many years of my ascending these mountains, I have seen a similarity in the ascents and the different area, regions, call it what you want but I have divided the summit trail on the mountains into ten separate paths.
The paths in order of the lowest elevation first are: (1) The Valley Path, (2) The River Path, (3) The Woodland Path, (4) The Evergreen Path, (5) The Treeline Path, (6) The Ridgeline Path, (7) The Camp Seven Path, (8) The High Path, (9) The Summit Path, and (10) The Descent Path.
One thing that I have learned is that most summit trails have all ten paths. However, a few summit trails may have the High Path and Summit Path combined. Also, depending on whether the wayƒarer is afoot or afield, the camp seven path may be a very short one but stopping to rest is is always good for any who would travel a summit trail.

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