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Part Three, Quire Five

The Quest for The Mariposa Go Down go back
TODAY IS THE LAST full day I will spend in Laredo because I will be at the border before sunrise tomorrow, the twenty-fifth. I spend most of this day in final preparation before my crossing.
Later, I go to Casa Blanca State Park, pay the four dollar day fee and take a hot shower. Afterwards, I do laundry and finally go to the WiFi hot spot. Then this evening I go to the meeting and afterwards retire to the cul-de-sac for the night.
This quire records the passage to the South of Mexico to see the butterflies during this portion of the journey of the me.
  A Wayfarer
Long before the dayspring, I rise and get dressed. Checking the time, see that it is five-thirty and methinks I must needs wait until at least the suntouch, so, instead of driving to the border, drive to buy a cup of coffee.
At the convenience store as I sip slowly from my cup of hot and since no one else is around, I bring up the subject to the clerk that most all of the Christmas practices are not really Christian, but are in fact from non Christian sources.
After mentioning the "Christmas tree" I ask him "what does a tree have to do with Jesus?" In reply, he says “That's really interesting, can I learn more about this on the Internet?” I tell him yes and then explain what the only celebration that Jesus commanded us to commemorate.
Looking out the window, I notice that the dayspring has just begun, there is a touch of light on the horizon, so I bid goodbye to the clerk and head for the border.

Chapter Twenty-three: The Border Go Down Go Up
December 25, 2009 - January 03, 2010
The Crossing into México
ON THE DRIVE down the interstate, I notice that the sky is full of clouds and the sunglow is now a brilliant crimson highlighting all of the cloud edges. I drive right up to the toll booth, pay three dollars and head across the river bridge.

Chapter Twenty-four: The Mariposa. Go Down Go Up
January 04, 2010 - January 07, 2010
The Journey to The Montañas Volcánicas
THIS JOURNEY TO THE Transcontinental Montañas Volcánicas, which in fact are where the butterfly sanctuaries are located, begins in the rain and even thought I can see mountains in all directions, most are covered with fog and clouds.
Despite the fact that they are a bit pricey I decide to take the toll roads because as I have been told, the toll roads are the best roads. Still, even on these roads, there are places that could use some major work.

Chapter Twenty-five: The Federal Highway Go Down Go Up
The Journey to Morelia. Elevation 6150 feet.
January 08, 2010 - January 15, 2010
AWAKE AT SUNRISE, arise and drive west towards Morelia on FH 15, a federal highway which was built during 1926-1939 and winds it′s way some 428 miles between Mexico City and Guadalajara in Jalisco.

Chapter Twenty-six: The Plaza Go Down Go Up
January 16, 2010 - January 24, 2010
The Journey to Patzcuaro. Elevation 7175 feet
UP LONG BEFORE THE DAYSPRING, get dressed and go into the d-mart to clean up. Later, I drive to the Kingdom Hall, park directly outside the gait to wait for the service group to arrive and watch as the sunglow turn into a colorful sunrise.

Chapter Twenty-seven: The Blue Beach Go Down Go Up
January 25, 2010 - January 31, 2010
The Journey to Playa Azul and Lago Chapla
PLAYA AZUL, BLUE BEACH, IS THE southernmost latitude thus far, just below the 18th laditude at 17.981000, -102.348500 and I don′t anticipate going any closer to the equator during this journey. I saw this town on my map and I just had to come here to see the blue beach.

Chapter Twenty-eight: The West Coast Go Down Go Up
February 01, 2010 - February 11, 2010
The Journey to the Pacifico
IT RAINS OFF AND ON ALL NIGHT and when I look outside this morning, I see that the road is flooded like a lake, as deep as four or five inches in places and it is still raining. Upon getting up, I go inside and find that both Dick and Bella are already up. Bella asks Dick to make some eggs for breakfast before I head out and we share one more meal. I have really enjoyed my stay here with this great couple, the feather of their hospitality is surpassed by few.

Chapter Twenty-nine: The North Go Down Go Up
February 12, 2010 - February 17, 2010
The Journey through Norte México to the US
THE COCKCROW BEGINS BEFORE SIX and finds me awake, quill in hand adding words to this, my written journal. I have come only recently to feel that the days for me to continue here in México have come to be few in number and yet I begin each morning in my same routine. Today, the visiting troop will leave for their home to the north and I bid them farewell until we chance upon each others path once again. I too have decided to begin my journey to the north today, returning to Texas by way of the interior high route through the Sierra Madre Oriental up to Monterrey and Laredo instead of the low route along the Gulf Coast.

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