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Quire Five

The Quest for The Mariposa Go Down go back
TODAY IS THE LAST full day I will spend in Laredo because I will be at the border before sunrise tomorrow, the twenty-fifth day of this month. However, today, I spend most of it in final preparation before my crossing.
I have been boxing up much of what I have in my van and so as to not carry it across the border into Mexico with me, I send it to the home of my mother in Pasadena who will keep it for me until I return to Texas next year. After going to the post office one more time today and mailing the final set of boxes, I then prepare something to eat for my mid day meal.
Later, I go to Casa Blanca State Park, pay the four dollar for the day pass fee and then drive to the shower house to take a hot shower. Afterwards, I do laundry and finally go to the WiFi hot spot.
  A Wayfarer
Then this evening I go to the meeting and afterwards park in the cul-de-sac nearby to the hall and retire for the night.

The Drive South to See Mariposa
This quire is my record of the Part Three of the Journey of the me, which is my Quest for the Mariposa and is my passage to the South of Mexico so that I may see the Monarch butterflies in the mountain forest where they spend their winter hiatus. I have long heard that these butterflies fly south for the winter and for the longest time, I have desired to go to and see this place.

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