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A Wayƒarer′s Store

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ALWAYS HAPPY to share his burden, the wayƒarer hopes that you will check the store catalogues to see if there is something you would like to add to your burden.
So cozy up to the fireplace, have a seat and browse through our catalogues.
The Store
(b5-20140917.1605) Crater Lake Lodge fire place.
Welcome to the Wayƒarer′s Store! Please come in, stay a while, take your boots off and put them near to the fire to dry out.
While you′re here, pull one of the overstuffed chairs up to the hearth and enjoy a steaming cup of coffee, tea or even hot chocolate on us.
Sometimes, one of our family members brings in some chocolate chip cookies.
So, sit back and listen to the soft jazz playing in the background, pick up one of our catalogues and browse through the several passages.
The Wayƒarer has always been happy to share his Burden, so look over what he has and if you decide that there is something you want to add to your burden, you may do so right here from our website while you are still enjoying your cookie. It's altogether secure, so, use your credit card, bank account or PayPal account.
Make your catalogues from the menu to the left and above.
Please be sure to read the important information on The Privacy Policy Page.

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