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The Appendix
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A Wayƒarer′s Quill Strokes

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Personal Note From the Owner
In this day and age, with all the law suit crazy people in this world, we here at TWJ must needs put the above information in it′s place for everyone′s protection.
Yes, it has become a sad state of affairs when doing such becomes not only necessary but also the norm.
Too, you will see the above Important, Before Continuing information repeated on each and every page where we are endeavoring to provide help to our neighbors.
  A Wayƒarers Quill Strokes
That being said, all of the information provided within the Appendix Passage, especially in this section called A Wayƒarer′s Quill Strokes is free for any and all to access. Never have we or will we ask for a membership fee or a purchase price for any information that is presented in the Appendix Passage on this web site.
Jesus while he was here on the earth did say, You receive free, then give free. (Matthew 10: 8)
True, he was referring to spiritual gifts, but we feel that if we are able to do so, shouldn′t we apply his words in every thing we do? (Galatians 6: 10)

The Quill Strokes
A wayƒarer often finds himself questioning the motives and intentions of the commercial industries. When this happens, he finds himself doing the Google thing and more times than not, discovers that his concerns about these industries have a solid basis.
Often, what his finds out is altogether shocking, even appalling in how the commercial companies for the sake of profit knowingly hides the negative effects their product has on the population.
So, in his Quest for the Real Life, he does thorough research about the questions he has until he has found a reasonable answer. The answers from his research can be found here in the Quill Strokes.
The Quill Strokes, a Quest Level Page, is divided into two sections, The Methinks and The Real Way, which two sections provide both the location and means for the founder to write down his concerns about what he feels are important subjects and where he may record the findings of his research.

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Each document will be named the same as indicated by the text beneath or next to the document image.
All downloadable files are free to all. Last Updated: 08 September 2020

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