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BEFORE RETIREMENT, when living in a home, one that required me to mow grass, I began to look at my expenses and then compared these bills with what I was expecting to receive with social security, now only a few years away.
Oak Harbor Home and
The Grass Mowing Job
(b7.20100506.1550) The Oak Harbor Home and Grass Mowing Job
To my dismay, I found that my income during retirement will be no where near as much as my expenses are in my home. Too, when calculating how long my savings would last, I determine that I have about four or five years before the expenses would overcome the money.
Living in a Van
What I determined would be the solution to my income problem is to set up my van to live in, sell all my furnishings, then sell my home, and in doing so, rid myself of all unnecessary possessions, return to need level so as to be able to live in a van. This would allow me travel and to exist on the income that I would be receiving after retirement.
Methinks that this is possible and it is something that I can do. I know how to do this because I have done this before when I took steps Afoot. However, the most important aspect of living in a van is keeping the things carried down to a bare minimum. This bare minimum, called in this writing, Need Level is what I previously learned how to do when backpacking on the Appalachian Trail.
Too, living in a van would insure that I have enough money to cover my living and traveling expenses. However, there will be times when I would need to make major repairs to the van, replace the van, buy a new computer or other technology. So, at these times, I would need to find a temporary job to provide me with those additional funds needed.
The Work
A wayƒarer accepts with joy the obligation to provide for himself and those who depend on him, but he also must remember that there is more to life than our secular work. Our God gives us instructions on how to have a balanced life with a proper view of work, which work, if one allows to consume him, could become an exercise of futility. (Ecclesiastes 4:6)
Furthermore, we are advised in scripture to make sure of the more important things, which important things include the work of what our master Jesus commanded us to do, that of helping others to come to know our God, Jehovah and his Son, Jesus. (Philippians 1:10) (1 Corinthians 15:58) (Matthew 28:19) (John 17:3)
Having plenty to do in the Work of the Lord is very good for us, both physically and spiritually. Furthermore, it is pleasing to the most high God, Jehovah.
Too, when we keep our life balanced and do things the really matter, especially with those of the brotherhood who love Jehovah, our life is filled with the joy that is everlasting, because this is the gift of God. (Ecclesiastes 3:13)
The Retarded
Since having retired, I have been telling everyone that I do not want to work anymore, especially since I am able to live comfortably on the amount of income that I am receiving from my social security.
When a friend wants me to work for them, I tell them that I am retired, I do not have to work. However, if one of my friends insists, then I tell them that since I do not need to work, if I do, I am no longer retired, instead, I am retarded.
Thus, through the years, there has been the occasional need to work and most of the recent work that I have been able to find has been in a vocation that I have done or excelled at some time in the past.
So, the the following gallery will display some of the jobs that have been done since my retirement, well, at least during those times when I have been retarded.
The following jobs are listed alphabetically.

The Bitter Creek House, Rock Springs, WY Go Down Go Up
A Wayƒarer′s Work at
The Bitter Creek House
(b7bittercreek-17.20170818.0734) Jammer at the Bitter Creek House Remodle

The Desert House, Hemet, CA Go Down Go Up
A Wayƒarer′s Work at
The Desert House
( Jammer at the Desert House

The Lowery Creek Bridges. Spring Hill, TN Go Down Go Up
A Wayƒarer′s Work at
The Lowery Creek Bridges
(b7lowerycreek-15.20150421.1757) Jammer on Lowery Creek Bridge, TN

The Noisy Jet House Go Down Go Up
A Wayƒarer′s Work at
The Noisy Jet House
(b7noisyjet.20200720.1512) The Noisy Jet House

The Oak Harbor House, Oak Harbor, WA Go Down Go Up
A Wayƒarer′s Work at
The Oak Harbor House
(b7oakharbor.20200613.1529) The Oak Harbor House

The Oak Tree House, League City, TX Go Down Go Up
A Wayƒarer′s Work at
The Oak Tree House
(b7oaktree.20131207.0942) The Oak Tree House

The Palm Avenue Rental Go Down Go Up
A Wayƒarer′s Work at
The Palm Avenue Rental
(b7palmavenue.20191003.1926) Jammer parked at the Palm Avenue Rental

The Railroad House, Yucaipa, CA Go Down Go Up
A Wayƒarer′s Work at
The Railroad House
(b7railroad-14.20140222.0945) The Railroad House in Yucaipa,CA

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