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ALL OF THE WORDS found within this section are a compilation of thoughts written during the windjamming of Thom Buras, the creator of The Wayƒarers Journal.
With his return to the Journey On, Thom has directed those of us here designing and building this web site, to inaugurate his first online journal. Further, he hopes to keep this online journal available throughout his entire life journey.
The Journal
(b1-20160530.0750) Pounding keys at the Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone, Wyoming.
Too, once the current journeys of the author has come to completion, he plans to compile a series of digital novels available here on this website.
Soon after that, paperback versions of each novel which will be made available online and possibly in bookstore. In this endeavor, only time will tell.
Both his travels and this online journal he is writing is the source material for the journeys of the seven wayfarers. 1 The seventh journey will be the story about how each come to arrive back at Sabbath Day pond when the seven meet again and find out that all are part of the brotherhood of the Wayfarers, having all come to have the same hope to be in the paradise that God will soon bring to this earth.

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This online journal serves the same purpose as previous handwritten journals, that is to provide a media whereupon this wayfarer may write his thoughts and observations down as oft as he is able to do so during the Journey.
Albeit a daily record, this Online Journal serves an added purpose, which is to allow this wayfarer to share these thoughts and observations with those of his family and friends who would wish to read his writings.
  The Journal
Too, along with other question, some may wish to learn of the progress of my journey, where I am, where I have been and just how am I getting along. So, in an effort to answer these questions and keep all of my dear friends current as to my whereabouts and experiences, it is my desire to provide entries to this journal and thereafter publish it to my web site frequently.

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Long before the inception of the personal computer, the writing tools of choice by a wayƒarer would be the quill and the quire. In fact because of the high cost of photography, often, the only record of his passage would be by journal entry.
Within the pages of this journal, a wayƒarer would make entries about not only his thoughts and observations of each day, but also names of the people he met, camps stayed at, places he visited, rivers crossed, and peaks summited.
  The Journal
After walking all day, after setting up camp, after cooking a meal, when everything else is done, the journaling begin. Often, a candle must needs be burned to provide the light. However, journaling with a quill is not the only journaling a wayfarer does. When the quill journaling is complete while the wax is still burning, another journal is taken out and read from. Yes, the Bible is also a journal, one which a wayƒarer will read from often.

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Journal writing does much more than just providing a written record, in fact, journaling can help the journaler to be creative, grow personally, set goals, relieve stress, fulfill the ancient axiom know thyselƒ, expose weaknesses, improve health, become organized, create new words, master the ability to create hidden messages, find life enrichment, leave a permanent record of one′s life and important dates for posterity, even acquire a semblance of inner peace and tranquility, and this is truly the short list.
When a person, any person, begins journaling, it should become a practice to write in the journal every day. Only then can the above benefits be obtained, in fact, the list of benefits the journaler my realized is unimaginable.

The life stories of the seven wayfarers can be accessed in the The Wayƒarers Passage.

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