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Germain Douglas from New Iberia, Louisiana

The Journey to Sulphur Springs Go Down Go Up
THE JOURNEY TO SULPHUR SPRINGS, written by Germain Douglas, first of two born in New Iberia, Louisiana of Cajun ancestry. Almost all of my family came from France and Germany but have been living in Louisiana since it was first settled in the early seventeen hundreds.
Early in my life, my family moved to New Orleans where my sister, Elizabeth is born when I am ten years old. Much of what I remember about my youth is that we lived in a crowded city. There were no forests or mountains to see, only concrete streets leading to the bridges crossing the canals and river.
  The Wayƒarers
When grown and after my tour in the US Navy, I decide to leave New Orleans in search of a simpler life but my search first take me to the forests and mountain that I have always yearned to see and experience. Soon, I find myself walking atop a mountain pathway, the one called the Appalachian Trail. —Germain Douglas

The Family History Go Down Go Up
GERMAIN ALAIRE DOUGLAS, known as Al to his friends.

The Early Liƒe Go Down Go Up
Germain Douglas

The First Journeys Go Down Go Up
  Germain Douglas

The Wayƒaring Journeys Begins Go Down Go Up

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