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The Double Lake Campsite, November 1977 Go Down Go Back
(self2-a1) Double Lake Campsite 44, Fireplace, Coldspring, Texas
Sunday, 05 November 1978
Today, I walk to the lake so that I might swim a mile. I am in training for my hike on the Appalachian Trail and suppose that this swim will help in that effort. This is the third time for me to do the mile swim and my first time here in Double Lake. The previous two times were at Grand Lake and Tall Timbers Scout summer camps.
Previously, I had measured the distance along the shore of the roped off swimming area to find it to be seventy four feet wide. After dividing a mile by this distance, find that I must needs swim thirty-six laps.
Upon arriving at the waters edge, I kick off my sandals, walk in and swim out to the north corner near the rear buoy to begin and swim along the rope′s length. I start slow and continue for what I guess is over three hours. After the last lap, I decide to do one extra and then swim to shore. I am totally exhausted and find it hard to stand up when I arrive at the shore. The walk back to the campsite is also slow. I have time and so decide to sketch the fireplace.
 Sunday, 04 May 1980
I arise early today and cook a small meal of oats with molasses and hot tea. Then I change into my shorts and sandals and head towards the water because I am swimming a mile in Double Lake. This will be the forth time in my life that I will have swam a mile and this will be the second time here in Double Lake.

The Delaware Water Gap Hostel, New Jersey, November 1979 Go Down Go Up

The Sugarloaf Mountain Hearth, Maine. December 1979 Go Down Go Up
(self2-c1) Friday, 03 December 1979
There are two of us who are staying in the A-frame cottage. Bill has chosen the upper area and set his sleeping bag on the floor of the loft. Myselƒ, I have the downstairs living room next to the fireplace, which is the only means of heat that we have in this cottage. Upon going out into the forest to seek firewood to burn, we find that there is an abundance of downed trees and snags all over the floor.
So, this has becomes the fireplace which provides so much warmth and I often sit in front and stoke the coals until I fall asleep. There are not too many fires burned in this hearth before I realize that it would make a nice sketch in my drawing book.

The British Columbia Rockies, May 1980 Go Down Go Up

The Quebec City Gate, October 1979 Go Down Go Up

The Quebec City Parking Lot, October 1979 Go Down Go Up

The Ellicott City Train Station, December 1979 Go Down Go Up
(self2-g1) Sunday, 30 December 1979
After visiting friends in Columbia, Maryland, I move north to Ellicott City, a small community and stop at the B&O Railroad Museum. The museum building is the original terminus of the first 13 miles of commercial railroad in the country and was a turning stop for the train engines. I enjoy the history lesson of how the B&O railroad got it′s start. Now this railroad is no longer just a property for sale on the game board.
Next, I enter the gift shop and when I see a vast assortment of embroidered patches, I buy several for my patch collection. Upon leaving the museum, I walk around to the south side to find a place of cook my lunch and decide that this would be a good location to put some ink into my sketch book.

The Ellicott City Train Station Window, Dec 1979 Go Down Go Up

The Mill River Cottage, July 1979 Go Down Go Up

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