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The Predictable

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The universe has an enormous amount of mathematical order and the timing of astronomical events is so precise that these can be predicted years, centuries, even millennia in advance. In fact, ancient observations of solar eclipses have a long history among many different cultures and civilizations which date back to at least 2500 BCE in the writings that have survived from ancient China and Babylon.
True, much of the ancient astronomy was religious in nature, but even so, the ability of men to predict astronomical events have long been with mankind.

The Predictable Nonpareils
Nonpareils abound here upon the mountain but unless you know how to seek out and find them, a large majority of the nonpareils will go unnoticed and unseen by most of those people who walk upon this earth.
However, there is one type of nonpareils that is highly predictable so that a wayfarer can be afield, onsite, and have camera in hand when these nonpareils events take place. This type of nonpareil is herein called the Predictable Nonpareils of which include comets, lunar eclipses, moon phases, conjunction of planets, transits of planets, solar eclipses and a variety of other nonpareils.
These predictable nonpareils will be the focus of the following pages.

The Study of Astronomy Information Page Go Down Go Up
The Ecliptic Plane
(m5pr-planets-solarsystem) The Solar System Model and Ecliptic Plane

The Comets Gallery and Information Pages Go Down Go Up
The Predictable
The Comets
(m5pr-co.19970401) Hale-Bopp Comet (photo credit: wikimedia)

The Earth Information Page Go Down Go Up
The Predictable
The Earth Gallery
(m5pr-earth-image) The Predictable, The Earth Gallery Photo Credit:

The Lunar Saros Series Gallery and Information Pages Go Down Go Up
Total Eclipse
(m5pr-saros136) Saros Series 136 Photo Credit:

The Moon Information Page, & Ever Changing Moon Gallery Go Down Go Up
The Predictable Phenomena
The Moon
(m5pr-lunar.20140414.2359) Total Lunar Eclipse on 14 April 2014.

The Planets Gallery and Information Pages Go Down Go Up
The Predictable Phenomena
The Conjunction of Planets
(m5pr-pl.20130524.2040) Triple Conjunction of Planets (photo credit: Theo Wellington)

The Solar Saros Series Gallery Go Down Go Up
The Solar Saros Cycle
(m5pr-solarsaros145) Solar Saros Cycle

The Sun Information Pages Go Down Go Up
Annular Eclipse of the Sun
(m5pr-sun-annular.20120520) Annular Solar Eclipse of the Sun

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