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The Phenomena

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Amazing Visual Phenomena
Sun light shining upon water drops, dust and or ice crystals in the atmosphere can produces a variety of colorful displays including: colors in the clouds, colors in the sky, coronas, green flashes, halos, iridescent clouds, rainbows, spectre, strikes and more.
Some of these phenomena can be seen almost every day, but a few are a once in a lifetime sighting. All are unpredictable so if a person wishes to see more than the occasional few, this one must needs learn what signs to look for and where to look for these amazing visual phenomena.
Atmospheric Phenomena comes in many types including coronas, halos, rainbows, spectre, and many more, all of which are derived from mathematical calculations of how light diffracts, reflects and refracts through and or off of water drops, dust and ice crystals.
In our previous gallery, we provided photos of different types of rainbows. Now, not only will we provide photos of rainbows but we are expanding this gallery to include photos of other types of atmospheric phenomena. Also, we will explain how they are formed, how best to view the different phenomena and what atmospheric conditions to look for that indicates that one of these phenomena is likely to appear.
The Primary Rainbow
(m5ph-ra-primary-20100427.1944) Seen from my home in Oak Harbor, Washington.
Check out some of these awesome phenomena and then, who knows, maybe you will become a rainbow seeker like many of us here have become.

The Corona Gallery Go Down Go Up
(m5ph-co.lunarcorona) Lunar Corona photo credit: Adam Moncrieff

The Halo Gallery Go Down Go Up
The Parhelion

The Iridescence Gallery Go Down Go Up
The Iridescence
(m5ph-ir.iridiscence) An Iridiscence in the Clouds Photo credit: See Shinn

The Rainbow Gallery Go Down Go Up
(m5ph-ra-secondary.20130612.1937) Rainbow Photo taken in Bellingham, Washington.

The Spectre Gallery Go Down Go Up
The Spectre
(m5ph-sp.spectre)The Spectre photo credit Mila Zinkova

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