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The Suntouch

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The Glossary Definition
Suntouch (sunĀ“touch) n. astr. jour. new. 1. Used collectively for both sunrise and sunset, this is those few moments of each day when the sun seemingly touches the earth. Suntouch is the precise moments the sun passes through that plane where the sky and earth meet. 2. In places where mountains are seen rising above the eastern or western horizon, the suntouch may be at a somewhat different time than the actual sunrise or sunset.
The Suntouch
Although this atmospheric phenomena occurs twice each and every day, it only lasts a few moments. Too, seeing and photographing this event is by far much harder to do than is the sunglow. On most days, the sun is not available for viewing when it achieves suntouch as it is either covered with clouds or other objects obstructing its clear view. Too, in many parts of the country, such as by the coasts, the skies in the areas of the suntouch are nearly never cloudless.
To acquire a good photo of the suntouch, much planning is often required in order to be on site at the exact time and in the optimum position for viewing.

The 2020 Journey Go Down Go Up
The Suntouch, 2020 Journey
(m5da-st.20.20200127.1814) The 2020 Journey

The 2019 Journey Go Down Go Up
The Suntouch, 2019 Journey
(m5da-st.19.20190626.2108) Sunglowfull Sunset, Bozeman, Montana

The 2018 Journey Go Down Go Up
Sierra Madre as seen
from Falcon campsite
(m5da-st-18-01.20180104.1750) Sierra Madre Suntouch, Falcon State Park, TX

The 2017 Journey Go Down Go Up
The Suntouch, 2017 Joueney
(m5da-st-17.20170115.1652) Desert Suntouch east of Guadalupe Mountains, TX

The 2015-2013 Journey Go Down Go Up
The Suntouch, 2013 Journey
(m5da-st-13.20130718.2039) West Coast Suntouch, Mendocino Headlands, CA

The 2010 Journey Go Down Go Up
The Suntouch, 2010 Journey
(m5da-st-10.20100125.0725) Pacific South of Mexico at Playa Azul, Michocán

The 2009 Journey Go Down Go Up
The Suntouch, 2009 Journey
(m5da-st-09.20090916.0715) Suntouch in the Thousand Lakes Wilderness, CA

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