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The 2020 JOURNEY

The 2020 Suntouch Journey Go Down Go Up
Continuing to pound keys in the citrus zone, I have complete four chapters in Episode Three here in Harlingen, Texas. Then on my forth trip upriver to get into hot water, I am able to photograph my first suntouch this year at Falcon State Park

The 2020 Journey, January-March Suntouch Go Down Go Up
(Day 524 TG) 58°F. 6:50 am, fog
While cooking my supper, I am also keeping an eye on the sunset because with the sky being absolutely clear, there is promise of getting a photo of the suntouch. However, I become busy with the cook pot and nearly miss the suntouch.
Still, I am able to take two photos of the last seconds as it drops below the Sierra Madre mountain.
The January, 2020 Dayspring
(m5da-st-20.20200127.1814) Suntouch at Falcon State Park, Texas

(Day 576 TG) 47°F. 8:00 am, sunny and clear
I have to wait for a long time before I am able to capture the next suntouch, this time in southern California.
The March, 2020 Dayspring
(m5da-st-20.20200320.1752) Suntouch in the California Desert
The March, 2020 Dayspring
(m5da-st-20.20200330.1904) Suntouch in the California Desert

The 2020 Journey, April-June Suntouch Go Down Go Up
Sunday, 10 May 2020, Red Feather Lakes, CO.
(Day 627 TG TG) 32°F. (24°F. low) 7:00 am, sunny and clear
Arriving at Red Feather Lakes campsite on 01 May 2020, my plans are to spend all month here camping on the mountain with my friend and spiritual brother Gordon. Although the campsite we stay at does not have any view of the sunrise, nor a clear view of the sunset, some photos are available.
The May, 2020 Suntouch
(m5da-st-20.20200510.1944) The May, 2020 Suntouch
The May, 2020 Suntouch
(m5da-st-20.20200510.1945) The May, 2020 Suntouch
The May, 2020 Suntouch
(m5da-st-20.20200510.1946) The May, 2020 Suntouch
The May, 2020 Suntouch
(m5da-st-20.20200525.2002) The May, 2020 Suntouch
The May, 2020 Suntouch
(m5da-st-20.20200525.2003) The May, 2020 Suntouch

Friday, 05 June 2020, Green River Campground, WY.
(Day 654 TG) 59°F. (33°F. low) 7:00 am, sunny
Last even, I stepped outside to photograph the sunset and was able to capture a nice suntouch and an even nicer sunglow.
The June, 2020 Suntouch
(m5da-st-20.20200604.2046) The June, 2020 Suntouch

The 2020 Journey, July Suntouch Go Down Go Up
Friday, 10 July 2020, Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 689 TG) 53°F. 7:00 am, sunny
I leave town late in the evening to drive to the state park for a hot shower and on the way, I see that the sunglow has already begun and stop along the highway to take a photo. Then, I drive across the bridge, stop at the Bowman Bay campground to fill my need in the hot water and then drive back across the bridge to drive to West Point for photos of the sunset.
Upon arriving, the sunglow is in full glory and the sky is the clearest that I have seen it since I arrived here nearly a month ago when I crossed the Bridge.
I drive to Deception Pass, stop at the West Beach parking lot and because the sky is so clear, I take photos of the Olympic Mountains, the San de Fuca Straight and then walk out to West Point and begin taking photos here, which because this sunset is the best I have seen so far, end up taking over a hundred photos.
The 2020 Journey
July Suntouch
(m5da-st-20.20200710.2204) Suntouch at West Point, Deception Pass

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