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The 2017 JOURNEY

The 2017 Suntouch Journey Go Down Go Up
The beginning of this year begins in South Texas along the Rio Grande river, but I am only there a short time before beginning my journey again for another year. I continue inland up along the river to Del Rio and enter the west Texas Chihuahuan Desert where I look to camp for the night at the campground in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

The January Suntouch Go Down Go Up
A long drive across the west Texas desert finds my approaching Guadalupe Mountains National Park from the south. As the sky in the west begins to illume, I stop to take a couple of photos.
The January, 2017 Suntouch
(m5da-st-17.20170115.1652) Desert Suntouch near Guadalupe Mountains, Texas
The next morning, after camping just above a mile high at Pine Springs campground, in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, I rise and wait for the sun touch.
The January, 2017 Suntouch
(m5da-st-17.20170116.0700) Desert Suntouch in Guadalupe Mountains, Texas
The January, 2017 Suntouch
(m5da-st-17.20170116.0701) Desert Suntouch in Guadalupe Mountains, Texas

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