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The Glossary Definition
Even n. arch. lit. 1. Evening. 2. Twilight. n. arch. Bib. 3. That time, referred to in the Bible, before the full darkness of night, which is the first of the two evenings during which the Passover was to be celebrated. (Numbers 9: 3, 5, 11) -n. lit. jour. 4. The period of time when the sunlight is first seen on the eastern horizon during dayspring and last seen on the western horizon during evenfall. This period is when the small amount of light coming from the sun is not bright enough to overpower the light of the stars. (see also evenfall)
In the Bible, this time is referred to as even in the KJB, ASV and others. In the Byington translations it is translated evening hours. The ESV, NASV, NIV, New Living Translation, NWT all use the word twilight. However, in Darby translation and Young′s Literal translation it is translated between the two evenings, which in fact is the literal translation of the Hebrew word.
The Even
(m5da-ev.20140818.0444) Planetary Conjunction at Even, Olympic Nat. Park, WA

The Even
During Dayspring, this is the time when the dayspring begins, when there is only a very slight glow in the east. Also during this time, all the other celestial objects including the moon, the planets and the stars, can still be seen in the sky.
During Evenfall, this is the time when the light from the sun, still present on the western horizon, has decreased so much that the stars now join the moon and planets in the failing daylight.

The 2020 Journey Even Gallery Go Down Go Up
The 2020 Journey
Even Gallery
(m5da-ev.20200525.2113) The Crescent Moon at Even in Red Feather Lakes

Looking for the high places with high elevations.
Monday, 17 August 2020, Rock Springs, WY.
(Day 727 TG) 51°F. 6:30 am, sunny
As the sun continues to drop to the horizon and the sunglow fades forthwith, I continue upward onto the mountain, and soon come to a road that is marked NF-103 on my GPS, so, I turn left onto the road and just past the NF entrance sign stating 16 days camping limit, I pull over into the first place to camp. I get out, walk up to the forest edge and find a fire pit with a large stack of logs that I could use for a fire if I wanted one. Because it is hastily turning dark, I grab my camera and take photos of the jammer in the fading light, the quickly fading sunglow and then the bright blueglow at the end of this day.
The 2020 Journey
Even Gallery
(m5da-ev-20.20200817.1947) Medicine Bow NF, Dispersed Camping at Elev. 10,254
The 2020 Journey
Even Gallery
(m5da-ev-20.20200817.1949) Medicine Bow Sunglow Fade, Even Blue Glow

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