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The Earth Shadow

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The Glossary Definition:
Earth Shadow n. astr. 1. Earth shadow (also known as the dark segment) is the shadow that Earth itself casts onto its atmosphere and into outer space, toward the antisolar point and only occurs during twilight as a dark band just above the horizon. 2. A definitive line does not divides the Earth shadow and the Belt of Venus as one colored band blends into the other in the sky.
The Earth Shadow
Another dayspring phenomena, the earth shadow is the actual shadow that the earth itself casts on its atmosphere and into outer space. This shadow is often visible during twilight from the surface of the earth, as a dark band in the sky near the horizon. This atmospheric phenomenon can sometimes be seen twice a day, during the times of twilight, both durning sunset and sunrise.

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(Day 610 TB) 58°F. 5:40 am, sunny
Emigrant Springs State Park, # A-16, CRS; 7.0   Elevation 3806 feet.
I slept very well last night and wake up before the alarm, rise, grab my shower bag and towel, then walk back to the shower house for my second hot shower. As soon as I get back to the jammer, I start the engine and let it idle while I put away my shower items and unplug the electricity.
Then, at about six-twenty this morning, I drive out of the campground and continue west on IH 84 to Pendleton, Oregon where I pull off the highway at an Oregon mountain top view point.
Ever Ready to Photograph
Methinks that I will be able to catch the sunglow from atop this viewpoint. However, I realize this sunglow is different from all of those I have seen before.
First of all, this sunglow is on the western horizon opposite the sunrise.
Second, in just a few moments, the suntouch will occurr but from my perspective at this viewpoint, the sun is still well below the mountaintop directly behind me.
Sunglow above
the Earth′s Shadow
(m5da-ea.20170728.0639) Venus Belt above the Earth Shadow
Third, when pulling over, I see a dark layer of sky between the sunglow and the horizon. Too, I notice a hump in the middle rising above the horizontal dark layer.
Amazing Atmospheric Optics
Upon seeing this hump, I suddenly realize that this raised portion of the dark area below the sunglow is the shadow of the mountain that I am standing upon.
In fact, this horizontal dark area that lies just below the sunglow is one of the amazing atmospheric optics that The Quest for Pulchritude is all about.
The Earth′s Shadow
(m5da-ea.20170728.0641) Jammer Basking in the Sunglow
Earth Shadow
This is just one of the extremely hard phenomena to observe and this is one of the atmospheric optics that previously, I had yet been able to photograph.
Imagine, I was just wanting to catch the sunglow from atop this viewpoint but when pulling over, I was amazed to espy the few moments of the Earth Shadow before it was forever overspread by the light of day.

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