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The Quick Access Link, directly below, provide quick access to those pages which are currently the most visited pages on this web site.
Burden Passage
A Wayƒarer′s Online Journal, the Index of Chapters.
  The Online Journal Current Entry
A Wayƒarer′s Store, Index of Catalogues.
  TWJ Store Digital and Paperback Book page
Mountain Passage
A Wayƒarer′s Photo Gallery
  The Bird Photo Gallery Index, The Quest for Wildlife
  The Nonpareil Photo Gallery Index, The Quest for Pulchritude
Appendix Passage
Food The Second of Seven steps on the Real Way
The Cure for Diabetes
Water The Sixth of Seven steps on the Real Way
The SITE MAP on this web site is under construction but still includes many links to pages as well as numerous descriptions of what may be found within the main menu choices (Passage Levels) on this web site.
Until the Site Map has been completed, one thing to remember, the Site Map is only a brief representation to the actual content on this web site, so feel free to explore.

The Journal Passage Go Down Go Up
THE JOURNAL PASSAGE, (the first green menu selection) is the home page and information source for the website.
This passage introduces and provides introductory information about The Wayƒarers Journal. Also, on the subsequent pages listed below, addition information is found.
About Page. About Information for TWJ.
About the Founder. Founder and background story info.
About the Journal. Information about the journal.
Announcements Page. Current and upcoming features.
Book Registration. Don′t forget to register your book.
Comments. Your comments will be shown on this page.
Contact. Contact info for the Wayƒarers.
Site Map. Onsite page links with explanatory comments.
Tip and Notes. Learn how to best navigate this website.
  A Wayƒarer
Also, clicking on the associated links in each section title bar will take you to a separate page and provide in depth information on that subject.

The Wayƒarers Passage Go Down Go Up
THE WAYFARERS PASSAGE, (the second green menu selection) introduces the seven wayƒarers, provides brief family history for each and then explains how and why each chooses to become a wayƒarer.
This web site and the books to follow, contain the stories of each of the seven wayƒarers who separately embark upon a quest to find the meaning of life. Each choose to journey afield as thru hikers afoot upon the Appalachian Trail.
Nearing the end of their 2000 mile wrest, while deep in the Maine wilderness, each arrive to pass the night together at Sabbath Day Pond. That encounter became the start of the stories which follow.
Below is a list of Episodes of TWJ, and the wayƒarer who provides each story.
Episode One a story by Tommy Michel.
Episode One First Journeys
Episode Two a story by Indigo Breaux.
Episode Three a story by Craig and Sandy Ojawasko.
Episode Four a story by Cobalto Azul
Episode Five a story by Germain Douglas
Episode Six a story by Yamato Aoime
Episode Seven a story about the return to Sabboth Day Pond by Thom Buras.
More of the Stories by the Wayƒarers Coming Soon

The Self Passage Go Down Go Up
THE SELF PASSAGE, (the third green menu selection) is a wayƒarer′s art gallery.
Episode One, art work for Tommy Michel′s story.
Episode Two, art work for Indigo Breaux′s story.
Episode Three, art work for Craig and Sandy Ojawasko′s story.
Episode Four, art work for Cobalto Azul′s story
Episode Five, art work for Germain Douglas′ story
Episode Six, art work for Yamato Aoime′s story
Episode Seven, art work for Thom Buras′ story.
More of the Self Artwork Coming Soon

The Journey Passage Go Down Go Up
THE JOURNEY PASSAGE, (the forth green menu selection) provides Journey On information of the seven journeys taken individually by each of the seven wayƒarers as each searches for the Truth.
The seven wayƒarers take Journeys in:
Episode One Journeys to Katahdin and Zion
Episode Two Journey to L'Acadie
Episode Three Journey to Lenapehoking
Episode Four Journey to Mariposa
Episode Five Journey to Sulphur Springs
Episode Six Journey to Bear Lake
Episode Seven The Return to Sabbath Day Pond
Each of the seven wayƒarers make their way to begin a journey upon the Appalachian Trail, but all find that completing this 2000 mile foot path is not the end of their personal journey but must need continue to find the answers to their questions.
In fact, one of the struggles that a wayƒarer often faces throughout his life is the continuing need to Journey On.
More of the Journey On Coming Soon

The Burden Passage Go Down Go Up
THE BURDEN PASSAGE, (the fifth green menu selection) describes all those things that a wayƒarer possesses and carries in life. Often, the very things that one carries is that which serves to cover, ensconce, protect and sustain a wayƒarer during the journey on.
This primarily focus of this passage is to define what need level is and to help those who wish to walk as a wayƒarer learn why it is urgent to acquire this level of existance in life during these last day of this system of things.
For a wayƒarer to acquire need level, he must endeavor to reduce the number of items that he carries in the burden to five, which is the absolute minimum. Although the absolute minimum may never be attaind by most, it should remain the goal.

The Journal, The First of the Five Needs
A bound paper journal, also known as a quire is the instrument of choice for a wayƒarer traveling aƒoot, primarily because it requires neither batteries, signal, nor any other technology, only a quill to write with.
Most all wayƒarers oftentimes refer to their Bible as a Journal and needless to say, their Bible is included within the plastic zip bag with the quire.
The TWJ Online Journal Index Page
This online journal index page has introductory comments and links to each of the twelve Quires and a Chapter Index with dates covered.
A wayƒarer spends his retirement traveling, referred to by some as snowbirding, and along the way he meets many people, sees many interesting things and to keep it fresh to his memory, he writes an online journal and includes a photo gallery.
This online journal consists of Seven Passages with Twelve Quires.
Passage 1, Quire One, The Wayƒarer, The Quest for The Preparation
Passage 2, Quire Two, The Self, The Quest for the Endless Wait
Passage 3, Quire Three, The Journey of the Me-I, The Quest for The Solitude
Passage 3, Quire Four, The Journey of the Me-II, The Quest for The Simplicity
Passage 3, Quire Five, The Journey of the Me-III, The Quest for The Mariposa
Passage 3, Quire Six,  The Journey of the Me-IV, The Quest for The Wildlife
Passage 4, Quire Seven, The Burden-I, The Quest for The Winter Harbor
Passage 4, Quire Eight, The Burden-II, The Quest for The Hall Chronicle
Passage 4, Quire Nine, The Burden-III, The Quest for The Need Level
Passage 5, Quire Ten, The Journey of the Myself, The Quest for The Journey On
Passage 6, Quire Eleven, The Mountain, The Quest for The Blessings
Passage 7, Quire Twelve, The Journey of the I, The Quest for The Real Life
Online Journal Current Entry. Find out where this wayƒarer is in his travels.
"It has long been my desire and hope that someone may happen upon this website and read enough of my writings to learn about the Way of Holiness that I have come to know and love. Yes, if just one person comes to the brotherhood of the wayƒarers because of my words, then, I must give praise and glory to the most high God for allowing me to use my time and efforts in this way." The Founder

The Raiment, The Second of the Five Needs (Future Page)
The Raiment is what a wayƒarer wears, his boots, clothing, and hat. A wayĆ’arer, especially when living and traveling outdoors, always carries in his burden clothing appropriate both for the weather and for the season.

The Scrip, The Third of the Five Needs
The scrip is a bag supported from the shoulders that a wayƒarer uses to carry food and gear during the journey on.
The Gear. The absolute short list for backpacking gear. When it comes to backpacking, it is entirely about the content within the scrip that is to indicate whether a person is a weekend warrior or a thru hiker.
To Go Bag. We must needs provide for ourself in an emergency, and this is a comprehensive list of what one wayƒare uses for his to go bag.

The Shelter. The Forth of the Five Needs
The type of shelter a wayƒarer chooses is another totally personal choice that must be made. This choice could have the wayƒarer carrying the shelter (a tent) on the back, or living in a place that requires grass mowing, or there may be need to use a wheeled vehicle as one′s home. A ancient wayƒarer once said about this matter, Choose wisely my son.
The Shelters Carried on the Back.
The Shelters Requiring Grass Mowing.
The Shelters With Doors and Wheels.

The Sustenance. The Fifth of the Five Needs
Forth of ten in the list of backpacking gear, Third of the seven life steps on the Real Way, but first on the path to cure diseases, gain longevity of life, and gain a vital healthy body. Yes, proper nutrition from our sustenance is an all important concern in the life of a wayƒarer.
The Cook Pot, is where a wayƒarer shares his recipes in three food categories:
1. Backpacking recipes, which he uses when afoot.
2. Classical recipes, which have proven good for many years.
3. Living Food recipes, which help cure modern diseases.

The Additional Needs of some Wayƒarers
Yes, a wayƒarer must needs provide his way in this world and he must work hard to earn the money necessary to buy the above five needs for the steps on the way. A wayƒarer can do several things including having a store, selling other possessions no longed needed or even work at a job.
A wayƒarer sometimes has things he either wants to share or that he no longer needs and this is one of the venues that is used to make it available to others.
Most wayƒarer will almost always keep a journal and some will turn their written word into books. This is where the seven wayƒarers will make their books available for others to read.

The Store
Book Catalogue page.
Privacy Policy page for the Store

The Work
Despite being retired, a wayƒarer is sometimes asked to help on a job.

The Mountain Passage Go Down Go Up
THE MOUNTAIN PASSAGE, (the sixth green menu selection) is a wayƒarer′s photo gallery.
Currently, many of the galleries are still being created and populated with photos. However, photos are being added regularly to many of the photo pages by the staff at The Wayƒarers Journal.
    Galleries include:

The Ancients Photo Gallery One, The Quest for Kindred Souls
      First Wayƒarers
           Walk East
                 Eastern Wayƒarers
           Walk South
                 Southern Wayƒarers
           Walk West
                 Western Wayƒarers

      Mound Builders
           Wayƒarer Period (2000 - 1000 BCE)
                 Poverty Point Site (1650 - 700 BCE)
                 Russel Cave Site (2000 - 1000 BCE)
                 Watson Brake Site (2000 - 1500 BCE)
           Woodland Period (1000 BCE - 1000 CE)
                 Lower Mississippian Cultures (600 BCE - 100 CE)
                 Middle Mississippi Cultures (300 BCE - 800 CE)
                 Ohio River Valley Cultures (800 BCE - 1000 CE)
           Mississippian Period (1000 CE - 1700 CE)
                 Lower Appalachian Culture (1000 -    CE)
                      Ocmulgee Mounds (900 - 1200 CE)
                 Lower Mississippian Culture (1000 - 1730 CE)
                      Emerald Mounds (1250 - 1600 CE)
                      Grand Village of the Nachez (1400 - 1730 CE)
                 Middle Mississippian Culture (    - 1700 CE)
                 Ohio River Valley Culture (1000 - 1750 CE)
                 Upper Mississippian Culture (900 - 1650 CE)
                 Western Mississippian Culture (900 - 1650 CE)

      Rock Art
           Cave Painting
                 Bandelier National Monument
                 Colorado River Petroglyph
                 Lava Beds National Monument
                 Petrified Forest National Park
                 Petroglyph National Monument
                 Three Rivers Petroglyph, Bureau of Land Management, New Mexico
                 Fate Bell Rock Shelter. Seminole Canyon State Park, Texas
                 Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument
           Rock Relief
                 Crazy Horse National Treasure
                 Mount Rushmore National Memorial
                 Stone Mountain State Park, Geogia

      Stone Stackers
           Anazazi Culture
           Freemont Culture
           Hohokam Culture
           Mongollon Culture
           Patayan Culture
           Prescott Culture
           Salado Culture
           Salinas Culture
           Sinaqua Culture
           Trincheras Culture

           Actual Record
           Agate Fossil Beds National Monument
           Ash Fall Fossil Beds State Park, Nebraska
           Dinosaur Fossil National Monument
           Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument
           Fossil Butte Beds National Monument
           Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument
           John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

The Earth Photo Gallery Two, The Quest for Solitude

           Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
           Bryce Canyon National Park
           Canyonlands National Park
           De Chelly, Canyon National Monument
           Escalante-Grand Staircase National Monument
           Grand Canyon National Park
           Hurricane Valley
           Kings Canyon National Park
           Little River Canyon National Preserve
           Red Canyon, Dixie National Forest
           Tuolumne Valley, Yosemite National Park
           Yellowstone Canyon, Yellowstone National Park
           Yosemite Canyon, Yosemite National Park
           Zion Canyon National Park

           Carlsbad Caverns National Park
           Jewel Cave National Park
           Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, Wyoming
           Mammoth Cave National Park
           Russell Cave National Monument
           Timpanogos Cave National Monument
           Wind Cave National Park

           Death Valley National Park
           Great Basin National Park
           Joshua Tree National Park
           Mojave National Preserve
           Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
           Saguaro National Park
           White Sands National Park

           Gila National Forest
           Glacier National Park

           Devils Tower National Monument
           Geyserbows at Yellowstone National Park
           Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park

           Appalachian Mountains
                 Adirondack Mountains
                 Blue Ridge Mountains
                 Great Smoky Mountains
                 Green Mountains
                 White Mountains
           Brooks Range
           Chisos Mountains
           Guadalupe Mountains
           Interior Highlands
                 Ouachita Mountains
                 Ozark Mountains
           Pacific Coast Ranges
                 Cascade Mountains
                 Cascade Mountains
                 Olympic Mountains
                 Sierra Nevada Mountains
           Rocky Mountains
           Wichita Mountains

           Mount Aniakchak Caldera, Alaska
           Capulin Volcano, New Mexico
           Craters of the Moon Volcano, Idaho
           Haleakala Volcano, Hawaii
           Kilauea Volcano Hawaii
           Lassen Peak Volcano, California
           Mount Mazama Caldera, Oregon
           Medicine Lake Volcano, California
           Mona Loa Volcano, Hawaii
           Newberry Volcano, Oregon
           Mount Saint Helens Volcano, Washington
           Sunset Crater, Arizona
           Valley of Fire, New Mexico
           Yellowstone Caldera, Wyoming
           Zuni-Bandera Volcanic Field, New Mexico

           Lakes and Lakeshores
                 Tule Lake Wildlife Refuge
                 Yellowstone Lake

           Rivers and Riverways
                 Colorado river
                       Green River
                 Columbia River Basin
                 Columbia River
                       Columbia River Gorge
                       Kootenai River
                       Snake River
                 Kennebec river
                 Mississippi river
                 Missouri river
                 Rio Grande River Rift
                       South Fork Rio Grande
                       Conejos River
                       Rio Chama
                       Pecos River

           Seas and Seashores
                 Assateague Seashore
                 Canaveral Seashore
                 Cape Cod Seashore
                 Cape Hatteras Seashore
                 Cape Lookout Seashore
                 Deception Pass
                 Gulf Islands Seashore
                 Padre Island Seashore
                 Point Reyes Seashore

The Life Photo Gallery Three, The Quest for Wildlife

      Animal Kingdom
           Chordata (Vertebrates)
                 Amphibians 7614 species
                 Birds 10,426
                 Fish 32,900 species
                 Mammals 5,513 species
                 Reptiles 10,038 species

      Archaea Kingdom

      Bacteria Kingdom

      Chromista Kingdom

      Fungi Kingdom

      Plant Kingdom
           Angiosperms (Vascular, Seed producing, Flowing) 250,000 plus species
           Bryophata (Non-vascular, Spore producing, Non-flowing) 24,000 species
           Gymnosperms (Vascular, Seed producing, Non-flowing) 873 species
           Pteridophytae (Vascular, Spore producing, Non-flowing) 12,000 species

      Protozoa Kingdom

The Modern Man Photo Gallery Four, The Quest for Simplicity

           Kam Wah Chung


           Arch Bridges
           Covered Bridges
           Oregon Bridges
           Train Trestles

           Bent′s Old Fort, Colorado
           Fort Bowie, Arizona
           Fort Caroline, Florida
           Castillo De San Marcus, Florida
           Fort Davis, Texas
           Fort Donelson, Tennessee
           Fort Dupont, District of Columbia
           Fort Foote, Marland
           Fort Frederica, Georgia
           Fort Laramie, Wyoming
           Fort Larned, Kansas
           Fort Matanzas, Florida
           Fort McHenery, Maryland
           Fort Monroe, Virginia
           Fort Multrie, South Carolina
           Fort Necessity, Pennsylvania
           Fort Point, Califonia
           Fort Pulaski, Georgia
           Fort Raleigh, North Carolina
           Fort Scott, Kansas
           Fort Smith, Arkansas
           Fort Stanwix, New York
           Fort Sumter, South Carolina
           Fort Union, New Mexico
           Fort Union Trading Post, Montana
           Fort Vancouver, Washington
           Fort Washington, Maryland

      Grand Lodges
           Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone National Park, 1904
           El Tovar, Grand Canyon National Park, 1905
           Belton Chalet, Glacier National Park, 1910
           Lake McDonald Lodge, Glacier National Park, 1913
           Glacier Park Lodge, Glacier National Park, 1913
           Many Glacier Hotel, Glacier National Park, 1913
           Sperry Chalet, Glacier National Park, 1914
           Granite Park Lodge, Glacier National Park, 1914
           Crater Lake Lodge, Crater Lake National Park, 1915
           Paradise Inn, Mount Rainier National Park, 1917
           Zion Canyon Lodge, Zion National Park, 1917
           Bryce Canyon Lodge, Bryce Canyon National Park, 1917
           Ahwahnee, Yosemite National Park, 1927
           Furnace Creek Inn, Death Valley National Park, 1927
           Grand Canyon Lodge, North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park, 1928
           Chateau, Oregon Caves National Monument, 1934
           Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood National Forest, 1938

           California Lighthouses
           Maine Lighthouses
           Minnesota Lighthouses
           Oregon Lighthouses
           Texas Lighthouses
           Virginia Lighthouses
           Washington Lighthouses


The Nonpareils Photo Gallery Five, The Quest for Pulchritude

           In the Clouds
           In the Forests
           In the Twilight

           Earth Shadow
           Green Flash
           Venus Belt

           Aurora Borealis
           Changing Moon
           Faithful Witness
           Midnight Sun

                 Primary Rainbow
                 Secondary Rainbow
                 Higher Order Rainbows
                 Cloud Bow
                 Dew Bow
                 Fog Bow
                 Geyser Bow
                 Moon Bow
                 Ocean Spray Bow
                 Red Bow
                 Reflection Bow
                 Sky Bow
                 Spoked Bow
                 Supernumerary Bows
                 Twinned Bow
                 Waterfall Bow
                 Whale Spout Bow
           Sun Pillar


The Steps Photo Gallery Six, The Quest for Solace

           Appalachian Trail

           Natchez Trace

The Way Photo Gallery Seven, The Quest for Fellowship




The Appendix Passage Go Down Go Up
THE APPENDIX PASSAGE, (the seventh green menu selection) is for biographical and explanatory information, reporting research and studies, statistical information, and possibly other information including advertising.
1. The Campsites. List of favorite campgrounds. The Campsite Rating System (CRS) rates campsites on a scale from 0 to 10. Then, each campsite has a link to a separate page for seeing amenities, other features and photos of the site.
A. The CRS and Campsite Index
2. The Customers. Directions for contacting Customer Services
3. The Glossary. An index of old English and other words used on this website.
4. The Life Lessons. Lessons of practical wisdom learned from three years afoot, after which there has been scores of years to review each lesson.
5. The Quill Strokes. Reports on the research and studies about acquiring Good Health and Living Well, all free to access.
A. The Methinks. Herein, a wayƒarer provides his research based opinion about the lies and greed associated with the world′s commercial industries. Too, he shares what he has found to be a better path to good health. Subjects include:
Blood Pressure, The Silver Bullet Fraud
BPA Free,       The Plastics Misnomer
Cholesterol,   The National Tragedy
Diabetes,        The American Plague
Fluoride,         The Political Experiment
HFCS,             The Serious Health Concern
Iodine,             The Universal Deficiency
Soy Products, The Imminent Danger
Vaccines,         The Reasons to Say No!
Whole Grains, The Food Pyramid Hoax
B. The Real Way. On these pages, a wayƒarer considers the seven steps upon the path to good health and living well, step which aid a wayƒarer in his quest for the real life. These seven steps are:
Step One  Air
Step Two  Exercise
Step Three  Food
Step Four  Sleep
Step Five  Supplements
Step Six  Water
Step Seven  Worship
6. The Site Map An older version of the website site map.
7. The Future Page

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