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From Family and Friends Go Down Go Up
THIS SECTION contains just a few of the comments received from family members and close friends.
Indeed, a most remarkable search for the elevated Order of the Arrow, (Richard Ekern, Yucaipa, CA)
Tommy writes a very personable story about the joys and hardships experienced during his quest for fellowship and truth, (Becky Wilkey, Katy, TX) 1
Not only an exciting journey on the trail, but also an adventure for my mind, (Susan Smith, League City, TX)
As a person once dedicated to the ideals of Scouting, Tommmy intrigues me with his quest for the pinnacle of fellowship and brotherhood. (John Martone, Oak Harbor, WA)
I enjoy his writing style... Tommy paints a mental picture for the reader by putting his heart and soul into this story. (Eric Lee, Brooklyn Bethel, NY)
This has been an enjoyable book for me to read, one about a person on a spiritual trek while walking the Appalachian Trail. Francis Bauer, Oak Harbor, WA

From The Eagle Standard of Fallon, Nevada Go Down Go Up
ON 11 JULY 1980, The Eagle Standard of Fallon, Nevada, published the following in their @ Letters to Post Scripts.
P.S. Received a letter about a very interesting person to wit:
Dear P.S.
My family and I were having a picnic at Lake Lahontan when this fellow ran by us to the water′s edge, stripped off his backpack and shoes and dove into the water. He swam out about 50 feet yelling, "Ya-hooo, Ya-hooo." I decided right then and there that I just had to meet him.
So, when he got out of the water we invited him to eat with us and he told us a very interesting story about himself.
  Hot Springs, NC
First of all his name: Tommy Michel; age: late twenties; home: he doesn't really have one, just walks for one campsite to another; birthplace: southern Louisiana. He told me that up until two and a half years ago he was a design draftsman for an engineering firm in Houston, Texas and had been there for more than six years.
But he got tired of being cooped up in an office all day and he had lost faith in people, so he bought a backpack and took to the road.....walking, and he's been walking ever since. During his nearly three years of walking, he's been through 41 states and has walked the entire two thousand mile Appalachian Trail which extends from Georgia to Maine. When he needs money he stops and works; he says he gets by on very little. He apparently does most of his washing in lakes and rivers. He went on to tell me that since he first started walking he has met some really nice people which has renewed his faith in God and in people, too. Finally I asked him, “Where are you going.... or rather to what?”
He thought about my question for a moment and then said, “I just like to walk, to where or what, I am not sure yet, but I will know it when I find it.” He continued, “Until then I just walk, nowhere in particular.”
We said goodbye and wished him well. However, we couldn't say that we hope he finds what he's looking for; apparently he's found it....Walking!
Peggy R.

From The Public Go Down Go Up
THIS SECTION is for those comments received by email from visitors to this web site and readers of The Wayƒarers Journal.

Amazing must read story! (John, Bend, Oregon)
I have been to your site several times and keep finding more and more interesting information. (Caleb, Bar Harbor, Maine)
Thanks so much for the information on supplements. (June, Newport, Oregon)
The cure for diabetes is working for me! (Betty, El Paso, Texas)

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