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Digital Books
If you register your digital book with TWJ using the below procedure, we will provide you with a free updated personalized copy of the Digital First edition with your name and the serial numbered imprinted on the copyright page.
All digital books sent out from TWJ will be personalized with a serial number and your registration name.

Paper Books
Due to cost restraints, we can not provide free updated copies of paperback books, but registering your paperback book will allow us to provide you with a serial number for your book, so that you can write that serial number into your copy of the paperback book.
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Thus, when you register your paperback book with TWJ, and you have provided us with either an e-mail address or phone number, we will provide you with the serial number by return e-mail or phone text message, for you to write into your book.
Too, when you register your purchase, this allows us to provide you with information about new releases or special events.

Privacy Policy
First and foremost, know that your privacy is most important to us! All information provided to The Wayfarer′s Journal is kept confidential as per our privacy policy found in the Burden Passage on our Privacy Policy page.

Choose to Register either By E-mail or by Text Message

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For Email Registration
First, click on the red link on the next line.
When the link opens your e-mail, include the information requested below.

In the Content Section:
Your name:
Your City, State: 1
Your E-mail Address or Phone Number:
Your Request for Notification: Yes or No
Your Comments about TWJ

From Your Book′s Copyright Page:
Episode #:
E #
Example: E1, V1
Catalogue Item #:
BK #
Example: BK 11151-D
Edition #, Date:
D or PB
Example: Digital First Edition, 01 Aug. 2021
Serial #:
Example: 000300 - first edition

For Text Messages Registration
Open a text message and then include the information listed above.

If you are a full time traveler, please let us know what country and/or state you are from.
If you obtained your copy of The Wayƒarers Journal, E1, V1 as a free download from our website or received a copy from another source, then it will not have a serial number.

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