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AS YOU MAY have already noticed, The Wayƒarers Journal is continuously making changes to the design and appearance of this website, all with the intent of making this web site easier to navigate and more informative.
Also, we hope you like these change as much as we have in making them to our web site. If you would like to comment or make suggestion on how to make it even better, please email us with your ideas. Access Contact information with Contact link in the menu.
We feel that this new appearance will provide our visitors with a better understanding of the focus of this website, which is, of course, to promote the gaining of knowledge about the two highest persons in the universe, as stated at John 17:3, "that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent." 1
  Atop Old Smokey
Truth be told, we wish to encourage people all over the earth to learn what the will of God is and as Jesus said, "to do the will of him that sent me." (John 4:34)
With this said, we would also like to inform you of some announcements, both new ones as well as some older ones that have been or will be upgraded.

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The Wayƒarer′s Online Store is Open 24 X 7 X 365
NOW EXCLUSIVELY at The Wayƒarers Journal store, you can receive your copy of the Digital Proof Journal, Episode One, Volume One, Just click on this link: Absolutely Free.

of the all new digital journal
The Wayfarer′s Journal
Episode One Volume One, Journey to Katahdin

Also, if you register your copy before the first edition is completed, you will also receive a free digital serial numbered replacement copy of the finished first edition.
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Donations are Accepted
PLEASE NOTE: All digital journals may be downloaded directly from our store page and will continue to be completely free of charge. Donations are always accepted and greatly appreciated. Be sure to register your copy and include your email address so we can let you know about future releases.
Our Store including the Book Catalogue is found in Wayƒarer′s Store which is located in The Burden Passage.
However, all the other catalogues, including the Paperback Book Catalogue, have now been discontinued and are no longer being used to display items for sale.
Closing of Onsite Departments
In our efforts to both simplify our business operation and to eliminate the high cost of manufacturing printed publications TWJ has permanently discontinued the onsite printing and sale of paper publications.
Still, we continue to have requests by some of our readers to provide printed publications, so, we have begun working with Amazon and other printers to come up with a printed edition of each of The Wayfarers Journal episodes.
When the printed editions become available, we will notify you here, in the Announcements-Notices Section of this website.

Bird Gallery Pages
We continue to add photos to our Bird Gallery, located in The Mountain Passage. One of our favorite birds in the Bird Gallery continue to be the Steller′s Jays photographed at Silver Falls state park, Oregon.

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THE DIGITAL WORLD is upon us as books, journals, letters, mail and other media that have traditionally used paper for their dissemination of the information are becoming a thing of the past.
For instance, step into the local library and you will see that their use of paper media is quickly becoming abandoned and if any library is not providing a comprehensive line of digital services, it too will most likely become a thing of the past.
Likewise, The Wayƒarers Journal is taking steps to update both our product and our web site so as to make full use of the new digital world.
Additional information will continue to be provided.
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The Ever Changing Media
Another trend that web designers must needs accommodate is changing media. For instance, walk into an electronics store and look for a desk top computer; you will most likely find that most stores carry few if any.
Instead, what are featured on their shelves is a growing number of small note book computers, tablets and smart phones, all capable of accessing the internet but doing so on much smaller displays.
Therefore, at The Wayfarer′s Journal, we are redesigning all of our web pages to provide each page with the ability of shrinking to fit on the small displays but still maintain the capability to expand to larger displays when called to do so.
A New Paperback Version
The first journal that will become available as a printed version will be the Journey to Katahdin as told by Tommy Michel (e1-v1). Currently, this first journal is now available on this web site at A Wayƒarer′s Store in The Burden Passage, but only in digital format. (See above Absolutely Free link)
However, with the ever changing technology, and commercial printing services getting better and more readily available, TWJ has decided to begin working toward providing printed version of available journals.
When these become available, and we hope that this well happen some time soon, these paperback journals will be printed off site. We are looking at possibly usint, as well as other retailers.

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Site Creation Date: 11 January 2006

Last Edited: Friday, 22 March 2024

Continuous Web Presence for Eighteen Years!

... and well into yet Another.
  Atop Old Smokey

Unless otherwise indicated, all scriptural quotations on this website as well in our publications are from the Authorized Version of the King James Bible.

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