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THE ABOUT PAGE contains information about the founder of The Wayƒarers Journal (TWJ), then reveals the background story of TWJ. In the subsequent sections on this page, basic information is disclosed about the remaining Passage Level Pages (first level menu page choices).
The seven Passage Levels include: The Journal; The Wayƒarers; The Self; The Journey; The Burden; The Mountain; and The Appendix.

The Founder of The Wayƒarers Journal Go Down Go Up
MOSTLY DUE to the devastation experienced from a failed marriage, but also a result of the disillusionment caused by the church, the creator and founder of TWJ, Thom prayerfully decides to dispose of all his possessions, depart the city where he had been since early childhood, leave the only life he had ever known, bid farewell to family, friends and then live at need level while he quests to find the meaning of life.
The initial part of this quest, while walking the Appalachian Trail helps him to dispose of the self-defeating attitudes acquired in the world during the previous decades.
Helping him to accomplish his desire to dispose of these attitudes, he carries and reads a King James Version Bible, a small one that his mother has purchased for him.
  The Founder
While walking upon this trail, he enjoys his Bible reading so much that more often than not, he would talk with others about what he was learning and thereafter came to be affectionately dubbed the preacher by many of his hiking companions.
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The Journal Passage (First of Seven) Go Down Go Up
A SERIES OF SEVEN historical fiction novels, TWJ is based on the true life story of a young man who after enduring two life changing events chooses to abandon that previous life and begin taking steps as a wayƒarer by traveling afoot across the North American continent.
Maybe the reason for taking what seems to be this extreme course is because of these life changing events. Maybe the reason is because he has not found any answer to the perplexing questions that for years, he has pondered. Maybe it is a combination of both reasons, but by his taking steps upon this new life path, he feels sure that the answers to his questions are never too far away.
  About TWJ
Along this way, he writes upon the pages of a journal, recording his passage along with his observations and feelings about his every day joys and struggles. These words are the inspiration and source material for The Wayfarers Journal.
After many moons of foot travel, while deep within the Maine Wilderness along the banks of Sabbath Day Pond, the seven wayfarers gather around a campfire and have been discussing both the joys and the struggles each has experience as thru hikers on the Appalachian Trail when all agree that being with the other thru hikers on this journey has been the most wonderful sharing of fellowship and camaraderie that any has ever experienced before.
Then one of the seven thru hikers proposes a question to the others there: "When we leave off this trail, yes, we will all leave off from here and no longer walk upon this foot path, where can we go to experience this same kind of fellowship and camaraderie we have been sharing here?" Not one of the seven is able to respond with an answer to that question.
The seven each go on that year to complete their own thru hike of the Appalachian Trail, after which each then return to their own place, but unbeknownst to the others, all continue searching for the answer to the question posed at the campfire that evening.
After a lifetime has passed by, these seven wayfarers return to Sabbath Day Pond to camp together again and this time, take turns to tell the others the story of how each one came to find the truth.
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The Wayƒarers Passage (Second of Seven) Go Down Go Up
THE WAYFARERS PASSAGE examines the life journey of seven different individuals, each of these, who for their own reasons choose to become a wayƒarer in order to find answers to the perplexing questions that have been confronting them throughout their lives.
Previously, all of these wayfarers have had a religious upbringing but have for one reason or another have been disillusioned by the church, it′s teachings and the lack of any real love.
Also, they all experience feelings of disgust from the avarice within the religion, finding the church more interested in money than being concerned with the individual.
  About The Wayƒarers Passage
Too, each one, at one point of their life have found the need to pick up the Bible and begin reading from it′s pages.
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The Selƒ Passage (Third of Seven) Go Down Go Up
EARLY IN MY YEARS, Thom recalls, I began drawing sketches of many things about me, even enjoying art classes that were provided in grammar school. He recalls trying different types of art during middle school, but it was always his sketches that he felt that he was able to do well.
Too, it was only his sketches that brought the best grades in his art classes as well as commendation from his teachers, peers and parents.
So, the sketching is what he endured with. Then, during middle school he took classes in not only art but also industrial arts, enjoying most of all, the drafting classes, and receiving top grades in these.
  About The Selƒ Passage
The Self Passage is a collection of art work created by Thom since beginning his wayƒaring. More will be available as they becomes digitized.
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The Journey Passage (Fourth of Seven) Go Down Go Up
THE JOURNEY PASSAGE contains a synopsis of the life story of each of the seven wayfarers. The entirety of these life stories within TWJ are based on true events and real people, however, the seven main characters are fictional, their life stories having been created by the founder of TWJ from within his own persona.
In fact, the seven are each a mask that the founder of TWJ dons in order to satisfy the situation and environment that evolves within the entirety of the seven episodes. Thus the narration of an episode, as if written by one of the main character is actually from Thom′s persona as he endeavors to represent the inner person of each of the seven.
  About The Journey Passage
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The Burden Passage (Fifth of Seven) Go Down Go Up
THE ORIGINAL CONCEPT of calling the entirety of the possessions within the backpack, The Burden developed during Thom′s journey on the Appalachian Trail when the pack he was carrying at the onset of the journey weighed almost seventy pounds.
He recalls that he began to ponder about his heavy load and said to himself, "methinks that this is too much of a burden to carry."
Thereafter, due to that oppressive weight, he devised ways to reduce the weight of his burden. However, that expression stuck and from that point forward, his backpack and ever thing in it came to be known as the burden.
  About The Burden Passage
Later, the founder of TWJ came to encompass all that he owns as his burden. Even now, he still carries his burden, or does his burden carry him? Included in the Burden are the: Journal, Raiment, Scrip, Shelter, Store, Sustenance, and Work.
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The Mountain Passage (Sixth of Seven) Go Down Go Up
AFTER TWENTY NINE years of mowing the grass, and with retirement fast approaching, Thom returns to wayfaring during May of 2009 to visit Yellowstone National park.
Only, on this visit he carries what he has never carried in his burden before while wayƒaring, a camera. By doing this, he veers from his previous determination that to carry a camera while wayƒaring is absolutely too expensive and burdensome.
However, now he has found that with the new digital cameras both of those concerns have been eliminated. The photos do not need expensive film processing and the cameras are extremely lightweight.
  About The Mountain Passage
So, he changes his previous maxim to allow for the purchase of a digital camera. Too, he especially desires to capture on photographs the wonders that are Yellowstone. Thus, this passage is a gallery of his photography.
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The Appendix Passage (Seventh of Seven) Go Down Go Up
UPON ENDEAVORING to describe all which is the totality of a wayfarer, there is need for more than six passages.
Consequently, the Seventh of Seven has been added to include the following Appendixes: Campsites, Customers, Glossary, Liƒe Lessons, Quill Strokes, Site Map, and Time Line; seven appendixes covering a variety of subjects.
One section in particular contained within the Quill Strokes, the fifth appendix, is called The Real Way.
Here is where the founder of TWJ, after much research and study, has recorded his thoughts on matters concerning diet, living well, and maintaining good health, both physical and spiritual.
  About The Appendix Passage
Also found under the Quill Strokes is the section at the journal level called The Methinks. On these pages will be discussed topics such as: The Statin Fraud!; The Cholesterol Scam!; The Diabetes Plague?; The Whole Grains Hoax!; and others.
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