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Chapter Thirty-five: The Setting Anchor

The Positioning of the Ship in the Harbor Go Down go back
WITHAL, SPRING HAS BROUGHT with it the pollen and the mold and all the other allergens that have in the past several years so devastated me. Too, by mowing the grass at my home each Sunday afternoon, I find that the grass in the air also causes my head to feel larger.
Nevertheless, the increased presence of numerous species of birds is keeping me entertained as well as busy with my camera and I enjoy setting out food for all of them. The bread is leftovers from the help house, the suet made from the fat drained from cooking chicken breasts and the hummingbird liquid is made from a large bag of sugar that I purchased at the discount grocer.
However, I remain determined to keep going out each morning in the pursuit of my spiritual routine, despite what these allergens do to my head.
Saturday, 01 May 2010. Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 884 BR) 41°F. High: 60°F. (Day 22 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
I begin this morning with my routine, which always includes a hot shower despite the fact that the previous seven months of this journey enforced my previous understanding that a hot shower is a luxury, a want and not a need.
Since returning to Oak Harbor, I have come to really appreciate a living quarters with a hot shower, so much so that I finish most days by taking my second hot shower. On the weekends, either after working on the deck or after getting sweaty from mowing the grass for two hours, I take an additional hot shower, making the count three on days when I work outside.
Still, I do so like the look of a freshly mowed lawn, especially after it is done by someone who takes pride in maintaining their things. Nevertheless, I know that even a lawn is a want, not a need for it goes with the houses that Jesus spoke of leaving for the sake of the good news. (Mark 10:29-30)
The Mowed Lawn
A Want, not a Need
(b1a07.35.20100506.1550) The Mowed Lawn here on the Island Rock
082a-Rufous Hummingbird
on the Deck
(b1a07.35.20100502.0948) 082a-Rufous Hummingbird on the Privacy Lattice
093a-Downey Woodpecker
on the Deck
(b1a07.35.20100502.0946) 093a-Downy Woodpecker on the Privacy Lattice
146a-Spotted Towhee
on the Deck
(b1a07.35.20100501.1414) 146a-Spotted Towhee on the Deck
163a-House Sparrow
on the Deck
(b1a07.35.20100502.0947) 163a-House Sparrow on the Privacy Lattice
Tuesday, 04 May 2010. Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 881 BR) 39°F. (Day 25 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
After morning service, I begin again working on my home. Earlier, when I saw some deck boards in a brother′s firewood, I asked him if I could have them for my deck. He told me, "Sure, I just going to burn then up."
Today, I retrieve the decking boards, remove the nails and then transfer them to my home to use in finishing my deck.
While stacking the boards on my deck, I had to get my camera because of all the birds that keep coming to feed, even when I am outside working.
082a-Rufous Hummingbird
One on the Feeder
(b1a07.35.20100502.20100503.1051) 082a-Rufous Hummingbird on the Feeder
082a-Rufous Hummingbird
Two on the Feeder
(b1a07.35.20100506.1615) 082a-Two Rufous Hummingbirds on the Feeder
092a-Northern Flicker
on the Suet Feeder
(b1a07.35.20100504.0928) 092a-Northern Flicker on the Suet Feeder
163a-House Sparrow
on the Nailed Bread
(b1a07.35.20100505.0938) 163a-House Sparrow on the Nailed Bread Feeder
109c-American Crow
on the Nailed Bread
(b1a07.35.20100506.1405) 109c-American Crow on the Nailed Bread Feeder
Installing them will need wait until the weekend because to today, I am working inside cleaning the blinds and carpet.
Friday, 07 May 2010. Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 878 BR) 32°F. (Day 28 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
The morning starts very cold but the clear sunny sky warms the day quickly.
There are three at the ministry meeting and I work with the group until one pm. Most of the morning, I return on several men who had accepted the memorial track from a sister who placed the track and asked me to follow up on the placements. We found several people home and had some good discussions.
After service I go to pick up some tools to work on my home and deck this weekend and then start in right away working on my deck. I anticipate having all the necessary repairs completed as soon as this Sunday night.
Then, I will begin working on my boxes of possessions that I have retrieved from the basement of John′s home.
Sunday, 09 May 2010. Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 876 BR) 33°F. (Day 30 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
It amazes me how the Sunday study is the best one yet. Too, there are so many gems that I glean from the material during these Sunday studies. Last Sunday, it was the difference between the Spiritual Paradise and the Secret Place that I especially enjoyed, so much so that I could in the future, name chapters after these two expressions. Well, I will see about that.
While living here in Oak Harbor, I have noticed that my free time has become more and more elusive to come across. It takes a lot of time to perform the necessary repairs and cleaning to my home, so I have dedicated the weekend for accomplishing thess tasks.
Both days I spend working on the deck, the ceiling, the carpet, the windows, the blinds and the list does not stop with what needs to be fixed or cleaned. I am just so thankful that there are brothers who will let me use there tools to accomplish these chores.
However, during the week, I plan to use the mornings of Monday through Thursday from eight until noon-thirty to the ministry and on Fridays, I will continue into the afternoon with Bible studies until as late as six. Also, if there is a group (two or more) that meets for the afternoon service any day during the week, I will continue with them for as long as they wish.
This schedule is what I have been doing since the beginning of this month seeing that I have signed up to regular auxiliary pioneer beginning with this month. Also, at the end of this month, I may need to find part time work and will have to a lot time for doing that. During the evening between eight in the evening until ten is when I am able to write in my journal. Still, there remains the time needed for my personal study and so far I am able to do that in the morning after I awake and before I meet for the ministry meeting.
Somewhere in the mix, I still need to find time to prepare and eat my meals, do laundry, shop for groceries, mow the grass, drive to the coffee shop to log on and check my e-mail, drive to the post office to check for mail in my post office box and any number of other tasks that I currently find necessary in my life. Still, I continue to pray for my home to sell so that I can move away from these chores.
I truly would like to achieve the path that would provide some time away from these mundane pursuits of living in this system, living in order to pay bills, living so as to keep possessions, living so as to buy more. Yes, I am totally done with this life and now want to move on, to journey on to a better life, one that the only thing I have to concern myselƒ with is how I will be able to reach the heart of the person I will talk to at the next door.
It is ten-thirty now and I must retire to my sleeping bag so that I will be able to be effective tomorrow morning in the preaching work. Good night.
Monday, 10 May 2010. Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 875 BR) 38°F. (Day 31 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
There are nine who meet at the hall this morning for the ministry including Theron and Debbie (See Day 1082 BR) who are up visiting family here in Washington. It is good to see them again and I get to work with Theron in the door to door work. Just before we finish for the day, we stop to see Loni for a few minutes where I drop off some Tarragon chicken with rice.
I am improving my chicken with rice recipe by cooking it several times a week and each time tring different spices that I use to boil the chicken with. Then after removing the chicken from the pot, I cook the brown rice in the spiced broth.
The spices are fresh from my garden, in which I have oregano, parsley, sage, tarragon and thyme. After draining the cooked rice, I bone the chicken and put the meat back in the pot. For a variation, I add fresh diced onions, a can of chicharos (or as we call them here, green peas), carrots or some other canned vegetable. 1
Sunday, 16 May 2010. Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 869 BR) 42°F. (Day 37 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
While working out side cleaning, an eagle flying by cast his shadow on me. I did not know what it was but upon looking up knew immediately when I saw the white head and tail. Also, all week long there have been good opportunities to take photos of the local birds, including woodpeckers, a grosbeak and a covey of California Quail. Also, the flowers are in bloom. Yes, it is springtime!
I have spent most of this weekend working on my home. I still have to finish cleaning, caulking, painting the deck, fix the brick walkway and then remove all of the tools and leftover materials before it will be ready to show. I hope to be done, or at least close to being done by the district convention.
Friday, 21 May 2010. Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 864 BR) 45°F. (Day 42 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
After spending a long day in the ministry, I return to rest on the deck and enjoy the warm day. Apparently, several birds have the same idea. One in particular that I have been enjoying is a black-headed grosbeak.
He first watches from a wood beam as the woodpeckers and chickadees eat from the suet feeder. When his turn comes, he flys to the inverted suet feeter and begins to inspects it. I can just imagine what he is thinking.
Black-headed Grosbeak
waiting turn on Suet Feeder
( That stuff really smells good!
Black-headed Grosbeak
on inverted Suet Feeder
( This shouldn′s be too hard.
Most likelyj, he is able to smell the chicken fat under the plastic shield and if he was like most mammals, his mouth would be salvating. but as he inspects the feeder, trying as hard as he can, he just can not find a way for his mouth to reach any of the tasty fat morsels.
It is funny to see him loose his balance when leaning over the edge and having to fly back up on top and he really tried every way he could to get to the suet, all the while as a flicker sits on the nailed bread watching. I can just imagine what these two birds are thinking?
Black-headed Grosbeak
on inverted Suet Feeder
( I wonder if I can reach over and get some?
Black-headed Grosbeak
on inverted Suet Feeder
( See it but just can′s quite reeeeeach it.
Black-headed Grosbeak
on inverted Suet Feeder
( Nope, that didn′t work.
Black-headed Grosbeak
on inverted Suet Feeder
( Ok, how about here. Nope, same problem.
Black-headed Grosbeak
on inverted Suet Feeder
( Doesn′t look any better on this side either.
Black-headed Grosbeak
on inverted Suet Feeder
( That bread is sure looking good right now!
Finally, he looks back at the nailed bread feeder where a flicker is sitting and patiently waiting for his turn at the suet feeder.
Northern Flicker
Red-shafted form
(  What an idiot!
The northern flickers are a regular visitor to my feeders and I have learned that this woodpecker has quite a variety of calls.

The Lowering the Anchor to the Bottom Go Down Go Up
Friday, 04 June, 2010, Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 850 BR) 47°F. (Day 56 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
After laughing so hard at the grosbeak last Saturday, I decided to put some suet in a vertical feeder so that he could get some to eat. He showed up early yesterday morning and got his fill, then left. Afterwards, a male downey woodpecker came to feed on the horizontal suet feeder.
Black-headed Grosbeak
on the suet feeder
( Black-headed Grosbeak enjoys the suet
Downey Woodpecker
on the suet feeder
( Male Downey Woodpecker enjoys the suet
I have not seen him again until a couple of hours after arriving back from the ministry today.
Black-headed Grosbeak
on the suet feeder
( Black-headed Grosbeak enjoys the suet
Black-headed Grosbeak
on the suet feeder
( Black-headed Grosbeak enjoys the suet
Black-headed Grosbeak
on the Lattice boards
( Black-headed Grosbeak on the Lattice boards
Saturday, 12 June 2010. Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 842 BR) 42°F. (Day 64 IP)
New Moon
Overnighting in the garage
The rhododendrons have been in bloom since early this month, the azaleas are finished and the starlings are mating. You can tell this about the starlings because of the green sheen to there feathers and because they are attacking any bird food that I put out.
The starling is not native to North America and because of this, there is no license to shoot them, it is open season. They are a nasty bird, some even calling them feathered rats.
A Feathered Rat
(b1a07.35.20100613.1348) A Starling watches the Flicker feed on Suet
A Feathered Rat
(b1a07.35.20100613.1349) Looking up at the Suet Feeder, contemplating
Methinks that it will not be long before I will need to find a better suet feeder so that this starling will not eat all of the woodpecker food.
A Feathered Rat
(b1a07.35.20100613.1350) First attempt and being a Woodpecker
A Feathered Rat
(b1a07.35.20100613.1352) I can do this... grab with both Feet.
A Feathered Rat
(b1a07.35.20100613.1353) Success on second try, but still not a Woodpecker
A Feathered Rat
(b1a07.35.20100613.1354) Boy, that was really easy!
A Feathered Rat
(b1a07.35.20100613.1355) Darn, and I was hoping he wouldn′t catch on.
Even though I agree to the bad name they have, it is mostly likely because they do demolish all the food that I have been putting in the feeders, causing much of it to fall to the ground to become food for the ever growing rat problem we have on this island.
Since the starling need to jump up to the cage and grab it, I could build a suet feeder that is recessed inside a wood housing which might slow the starling down for a while longer. I will begin working on it right away.
During the announcements last Thursday evening, we were told that we will burn our old hall in September. I know, that is quite out of the ordinary and there are probably a lot of people in our territory that are happy about this if this actually happens, but this would be in preparation for building a new one.
The RBC has had a meeting with the elders and we are slated for the build to begin during the first week of February. Once the old hall is burned, then we will have to prepare the site which includes first hauling away all the debris from the burn, breaking up and hauling the old concrete and then bringing in fill to level the existing grade for the new foundation, parking lot, landscaping and draining system with retention pond.
Quite a lot of this preparation work will be done by the local brother but we should have some help from the regional RBC at different times. 2
Sunday, 13 June, 2010, Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 841 BR) 48°F.
Overnighting in the garage
Yesterday, I began work re-installing my brick walk way. I had to replace one of the border boards because it bowed and allowed the bricks to separate.
Also, quite a few bricks sunken in places creating some tripping hazards in he walkway, so I am raising the whole walkway up several inches and re-leveling it. Except for a new twelve foot 2 X 4 and several bags of sand, I don′t have to buy any materials because I am using use the existing bricks.
The Brick Entrance
Walk gets rebuilt
(b1a07.35.20100613.1351) Replacing the flower bed boards and relaying the bricks
The poppies have been blooming all this month. I have been collecting their seeds for years so as to replant the next year and I have so loved growing this variety. The pink ones are my most prominent color but sometimes I have grown other solid colors including white, black, red and a few variation of purple.
Variegated Poppy
Years in the Making
(b1a07.35.b.20100615.1408) Full Body Pink Poppy
Last weekend, I was able to finish the back splash behind the kitchen and bath sinks. I used two boxes (100 pieces) of six inch square ceramic tiles that JP had left over from a job.
I had to buy the adhesive, grout and caulk costing thirty dollars but now this is another task completed and I don′t have to worry about that job any more.
Monday, 21 June 2010. Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 837 BR) 48°F. (Day 73 IP)
Summer Solstice
Overnighting in the garage
The sunrise is so early now that I had to put my wool blanket across the window to block out the light. I guess the dawn begins now about four o′clock. I don′t get up until seven or later most days and have gotten back into my old routine of staying up late to work on my computer. I so need to Journey on!
This evening, I go up on the roof to try to get a compass bearing on the sunset but it was cloudy and I could only get an approximate one, 283°. I do this to get the location of the furthermost north sunset of the year. However, this compass bearing does not include the declination, the exact number at this location I am not sure, but I believe is a little over 22°. When reading the compass, one has to take into consideration the variation to the east or west of the magnetic pole.
The amount of variation is the declination and is the amount that has to be subtracted in the east or added in the west to get actual north in any given location. So, if I am not mistaken, the actual bearing that the sun set at is 305° (Just below NorthWest). Of course, you can always locate the north star to get actual north, but tonight it just does not make a showing.
However, much later in the evening the clouds move out of the area and I go out to photograph the waxing gibbous moon.
(b1a07.35.20100621.2209) Waxing Gibbous Moon on the Solstice
Saturday, 26 June 2010. Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 828 BR) 52°F. (Day 78 IP)
Full Moon, Strawberry Moon
Overnighting in the garage
The full moon was beautiful last night even though I did not get a photo of it but I have been watching it each night as it has been waxing. I am getting a lot done on my web site and hope to upload what I have soon.
Too, I am getting much done with the work on my home and even though it will not be complete by the first of July, it will be close enough to begin showing right after the convention.

The Letting the Rode out Slowly Go Down Go Up
Thursday, 01 July 2010. Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 823 BR) 45°F, rain. (Day 83 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
Last week I was invited to Mark and Cheryl′s home for supper and afterwards, while discussing health and medicine, I told her that I don′t take medicine or see doctors unless it is a broken bone or large laceration. She asked me what I did if I needed antibiotics, penicillin or something like that.
I repeated that I don′t take medications, instead I use natural remedies and eat healthy. This whole concept of mine was put to the test the next day when I began to have pain when I urinated. I have determined that this is a urinary tract infection, probably caused because I have let off from my strict routines of eating healthy and instead have been consuming a lot of bread products.
My treatment has been drinking plenty of diluted pure cranberry juice together with doses of tea tree oil in water alternated with grapefruit seed extract in water which seems to be working as I have notice a noticeable improvement.
You would think that by this time in the summer, we would have warmer weather. Well, this weekend has been forecast Cold and Wet and this is the weekend for our district convention. I do not mind the weather at all because I do not want to spend the money for a room so I will have to overnight in my van and it is better for it to be cold weather than hot when I am sleeping in the van. I will be doing the final preparations for the drive today and leave this evening.
Monday, 05 July 2010. Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 819 BR) 46°F. (Day 87 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
I awake this morning, check my phone and find it is just before seven. Then, I get out of my sleeping birth, go inside to the bath room for my routines and to take a hot shower. It feels strangely odd to me to be back in Oak Harbor after a three day district convention and I am not sure exactly why.
Maybe it is because for the last three day, I have been unrolling my sleeping bag away from the luxury of a hot shower, refrigerator, full-size stove and an indoor laundry. However, I suppose the real reason that returning feels odd to a vagabond, is that after he has tasted even a little vagabondage, he find that he is hard pressed to return to any form of life between walls. 3
While on the vagabondage last year, I was able to try different techniques with my gear so as to find what works best for me and was ready to try out some of those techniques again. Prior to this trip, I had stowed all of my travel gear aboard so I could cook my meals, clean my body with rubbing alcohol and even charge batteries to run my electronics.
Too, I brought most of my clothing with me because now I maintain a small wardrobe, just enough to fit on the crossbar hanging in the rear of the van. I keep my wardrobe diminished like the entirety of my possessions so that I can maintain high mobility. Among my travel gear is an inverter to provide electricity, a small multipurpose stool and several bins in which to stow different supplies, including: food in one, engine supplies in another, and so forth, all of which are stowed in the back of the windjammer. 4
Thus, upon returning from the district convention, all of my gear is brought back into my home, stowed and the anchor is dropped to the bottom of the harbor again.
I have been seeing an eagle sitting on the top of a tree near my home several times each week, methinks that this eagle could be preparing the perch for a nest.
Eagle on
the Tree Top
(b1a07.35.20100717.1535) Eagle on the Tree Top
Saturday, 24 July 2010. Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 800 BR) 56°F. Sunny (Day 106 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
I awake this morning just after six to a bright sunny day. Yes, I am still waiting for a buyer for my home and while doing so have taken several odd jobs to help pay the bills. The main reason why I am making an entry in the journal today, is that I have reached 800 days in my count down to retirement. The days seem to be flying by and in no time I hope to be able to be under sail again, or in the least, not having to work to pay the bills.
My home is now ready to sell, well except for a few minor things that I still want to do so as to make it look just a little nicer. I have some extra paint, so today, I will paint some of the extra lattice panels and install them as deck skirting. This should really dress up the outside area, especially with my garden now fraught with lettuce, greens, onions and herbs.
Today is one of those dog days, a time when some people on Whidbey Island pass out from the oppressive heat as the sultry temperatures soar into the high seventies. During these days I am so glad that I have a place where I can take a shower; I have had four today.
Each time I have come in from working outside I clean up with a hot shower before I sit to work on my computer but before I step out to dry off, I finish with a cold shower. Doing so provides two purposes; first, it cools me down so I don′t have to turn on the air conditioner (like I even have one) and second, it keeps in mind how hot showers are a luxury and that regularly having showers should never be taken as a given.
I think back during the recent Journey of the Me, and how for seven months, hot showers were available only once a week and most times absent for two weeks and more. Also, I reflect on how hot showers are only a relatively recent addition to the Want of modern man, entering accessibility within the last hundred years or so.
Deer Young
Doe and Buck
(b1a07.35.20100717.1449) A pair of Young Dear, a Doe and a Buck
Full Moon
Buck Moon
(b1a07.35.20100726.0015) Full Buck Moon
Saturday, 31 July 2010. Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 793 BR) 57°F. (Day 113 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
As I go about my work on the deck skirting, I hear a familiar call and look around to locate the bird but can not see it any where. When I hear it again, I suddenly recognize that it is the eagle perched atop the hundred foot tree close by and I walk around to the back side of my home and spot her in the same tree.
This eagle has been frequenting this tree for a couple of weeks now. I go inside and grab a small loaf of bread and walk back outside and put it on the rock in the field. Then, I go back inside and wait; thirty minutes later, the eagle flies off and did not take the bread. I will keep doing this each time the eagle lands on his perch hoping it will come down to get the food and I can get some close ups of her.

The Checking for Drift Go Down Go Up
(Day 769 BR) 54°F. (Day 117 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
Like the Pileated Woodpecker, I have dreamed for years to see the northern lights. However, unlike the Pileated Woodpecker which I saw my first this spring at Brazos Bend State Park in Texas, I have yet to see the northern lights even though last evening they are active in the sky over most of Canada and parts of northern United States.
What I do see this morning that I have never seen before is a downey woodpecker drinking from a hummingbird feeder.
Downey Woodpecker
Drinking Sugar Water
(b1a07.35.20100809.1009) Downey Woodpecker drinking hummingbird food
This morning, like most mornings during the past two weeks, there has been a heavy marine layer over North Whidbey Island. This low level fog saturates everything and persists all morning only to be slowly burned off sometime in the early afternoon.
Some days, it never leaves! Oddly, the marine layer normally does not start until September. I noticed a red tomato on my plant today.
Thusday, 12 August, 2010, Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 781 BR) 50°F.
Overnighting in the garage
Although I have been putting off the roof repair on the rental, I go to the hw-mart and purchase enough shingles to replace the shingles on the back side of the roof which is the area needing it most.
Then, I carry one bundle at a time and stack them on the crown. Next, I begin removing the old roof, and dropping it to the driveway. After sweeping it clean, I then lay tar paper over all the bare board, open a couple bundles and spread shingle on top of the tar paper to prevent wind damage.
Then I spend the rest of the weekend nailing the shingles to the back roof and by Sunday, I am done with shingles for the rest of my life in this system.
After the meeting, I walk out behind the hall and take a photo of the back of the rental, now with a new rear facing roof.
(Day 775 BR) 48°F. (Day 131 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
This morning begins the Circuit Overseer′s visit here in Oak Harbor, their third year visiting our congregation and their last visit. This brother and his wife are really a wonderful couple and I love him for all the good he brings to the congregation.
We worked in the ministry together during the morning and then Dan and I continued into the afternoon making calls east of town.
(Day 772 BR) 45°F. (Day 134 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
Late this evening I received a call to let me know that a good friend passed away today. My friend′s name was Lonelle, or as most of us here in the Oak Harbor congregation called her, Loni. As she always had told me, she so much desired to arrive in the new system, inside the observation car and not the sleeper.
The next day, I arrive at her apartment and begin the long process of organizing and preparing Loni′s possessions for an estate sale.
She had been living with her sister Jeanie in the home she had previously shared with her mother who had just died several years earlier. I remember how I used to go to be with Loni, Jeanie and David every Friday evening for a meal and long hours of playing cards.
When her sister Jeanie dies, it was necessary for Loni to move from that home to this apartment where I had helped her through much of the grief and work involve in settling those estates. Then, after having been her for just a few years, Loni began having heart problems.
(b1a07.35.20100821.1835) A small Memorial to a Good Friend
As Loni′s executor, now I am responsible for carrying out her wishes on her last will. Wow, I look at a momentous task in front of me with the large amount of things that are here in this apartment before me. However, this memorial is the first task that I take care off which will remind me of the wonderful friend that I have lost and now grieve for.
Loni is a very close dear friend. I truly look forward to seeing her in the paradise.
Tuesday, 24 August 2010. Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 769 BR) 48°F. (Day 137 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
Full Moon, Sturgeon Moon
These summer days are spend inside the apartment organizing for twelve to fourteen hours and then I drive home to eat, shower, and to park in my garage for then evening.
No, neither is there much time for me to do any journal writing.
(Day 739 BR) 48°F. (Day 167 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
Full Moon, Corn Moon
Another long day, now just past the fall equinox.
It has been five weeks since Loni passed and I have not for one day stopped working because years ago, she had asked me to do this for her.
The duties associated with this position is what has been keeping me so busy. It is taken many long days to clean her apartment, organize, display and prepare everything for sale because there are so many things in it.
(Day 737 BR) 50°F. (Day 169 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
What an enormous task this has been for me, but all along, I have had the strong feeling that is a labor of love from my heart for all four of my spiritual sisters. As I have been organizing and sorting all the many things, I came up with a theme for this estate sale and began decorating her apartment accordingly.
Loni′s Last Art Sale
The theme I choose was "Loni′s Last Art Show" and I got busy preparing all of her art work for display in one end of the living room.
Loni′s Last
Art Sale
(b1a07.35.20101001.2040) Late night before Loni′s Last Art Show begins
Early on, during the cleaning and organizing, I found many pieces of Loni′s early art work as well as her sketch books in which she practiced and learned how to draw faces, figures, shapes, animals, and more.
Immediately upon finding these sketch books, I stopped my work, sat down and peruse through each for a couple hours. It was then that I decided as part of the vision of the Art Show, I would make all of these books available for others to view.
Too, I found that a large number of her art and paintings still needed to be framed in order to hang them on the wall. Amazingly, Loni had all the supplies for me to do the framing. I found the frames, the hanging hardware, the matting, even the rolled backing paper and glue. It was then that I spent a couple of days just getting the paintings ready for the show.
Also, I take pictures of each of the paintings and even gave a name to all of those which were as yet unnamed art. 5 Too, I decided that the family would be first to view Loni′s Art Show which will be right after the meeting tomorrow. Next, all of the friends would be given a chance later after the family leave. Then, the public will be given access the following weekend.
Sunday, 26 September, 2010, Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 736 BR) 45°F.
Overnighting in the garage
To allow the family and friends to have first viewing of Loni′s estate sale, when the meeting is over, I invite family to come at one in the afternoon and invite the friends to come at four. Too, I have opted to have a sale by donation.
Family and then Friends arrive at the Art Show
At one in the afternoon, on Sunday, 26 September 2010, the family arrive to view Loni′s Art Show. David, who is Jeannie′s son commented, "I have never seen that one" about about Loni′s paintings, the one I named From the Heartland.
Andrew, one of Loni′s nephews, stopped at the art display and looked at each and every display. Then he spent a long time looking through the sketch books. He even mentioned that some of the sketches were the preliminary drawings for one of the statues that Loni had made.
Loni had bequested that her brother and sister both receive one of her paintings. Her brother Allan chooses to received The Sage (named by Loni). Her sister Vikki choose to receive the drawing of their Mom. David, her nephew and very good friend, chooses the painting of the Polar Bear.
Sadly, I believe the rest of the family were much more interested in taking possession of many of Loni′s things, particularly any thing made from gold and totally ignored the sketch books and most all of the art work.
After the family leaves, the friends begin to arrive at four in the afternoon. Several of the friends also asked for one of Loni′s paintings and slowly the number dwindled from near fifty to about thirty.
However, when this day ends with very little money donated for the voluminous possession removed from the apartment, I have decided to change the tactics of the sale and put price tags on everything. Still, after seeing how no one, especially the family wanted to give much money, I am going to keep the price tags as low as possible and all in increment of even dollars so I do not have to deal with change.
The estate sale is now set to begin at eight in the morning on Saturday, 02 October and will continue for several weeks or until every thing is sold. The next full moon is on 22 October 2010 and long before that full moon, my hope is to have finished the estate sale, have the final cleaning of the apartment done and have the key to Loni′s apartment in the hand of the apartment manager.
So, for the rest of this month, I will spend pricing everything. Also, to help reduce the work involved, I will organize a lot of the items into groups and put a price on each group.
Know now how much time is involved in do an estate sale, I suspect that I will not be able to return to my journal until I am nearing the end of the sale.

The Anchor is Set Go Down Go Up
Saturday, 02 October, 2010, Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 730 BR) 50°F. (Day 186 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
When Saturday morning 02 October arrives, a crowd begins to show up at the front door long before eight this morning. Some even asked if they could enter earlier but I would just point to the large sign posted outside on the door which reads: Open at Eight am.
Just before I let the crowd into Loni′s home at eight o′clock, I walk to the front door, step outside and relate the story about Loni, how Loni so loved art and surrounded herself with it. I tell them that from an early age and for all her life until she could no longer see the canvas, she studied and practiced many forms of art, even mastering a few.
Too, I tell the crowd of over twenty people that Loni also loved life and shared this love of living with everyone she met; that she loved God, reading the Bible and that she would talk to everyone she met about the paradise he promises in the Bible. I go on to tell them how important Loni has been to me and to all of her friends and that we all love and miss her very much.
At eight o′clock I announce, “Welcome to Loni′s Last Art Show”.
Then I let them all into Loni′s apartment. Almost all of the early arrivals are from nearby second hand shops and are looking for something valuable but most did not stay very long. However, some time later, two older ladies from one of these shops came up to pay for their items and said, “We really enjoyed the story you told about Loni. We have a resale store in town and are going to mark these as Loni′s things.”
Later, even several of the neighbors came up to me to purchased one of her paintings saying that they wanted something to remember Loni by.
(Day 723 BR) 45°F. (Day 193 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
With the estate sale having been progressing now for over a week, I wish to relate a story I have been telling all those coming here who ask about Loni. This story is concerning the amount of possessions that Loni had when she passed.
Estate Sale
Living Roon
(b1a07.35.20101001.2039) The Living Room at the Estate Sale
Loni′s Story
Loni is the fourth person in the immediate family who has passed away in the last seven years and after each passing, the number of things in the possession of Loni had subsequently increased. I believe that she looked upon these things which belonged to her family as something that would help relieve the pain from the loss of those dear ones.
Auntie was the first
First there was Dorothy Downham, who everyone called "Auntie." She was Loni′s aunt and Helene′s sister. When Auntie passed, Loni was her executor and Auntie had collected many things in her life. I helped Loni with the estate sale and even help to prepare the home and property to be sold. After the estate sale, and because Loni did not want to trash what was left, Loni just moved a great number of Auntie′s things into her home.
Her mom Helene was next
Then, Loni′s mom, Helene passed and Loni was also the executor for her mom. Of course, Loni had an estate sale but much of Helene′s things just remained in the home that Loni had been sharing with Helene for a very long time. Sometime in the interim, Loni′s sister Jeannie lost her husband, Marlo. This turned out to be an opportune time for Jeannie to move in with Loni, bringing all of her things with her.
Then her sister Jeannie
Loni and Jeannie lived together for several years during which I was a party to frequent Friday night card games and pot luck suppers. We had to find a fourth party which often was David, Jeannie′s son or another good friend named Joanne. Then, Jeannie too passed away and even though she left much of her possessions to her two children, Loni still ended up with quite a bit of Jeannie′s things.
Time to sell the home
It was because of a provisions of Helene′s will, that Loni′s two remaining siblings asked Loni to vacate the property so that it could be sold and they could receive their inheritance. This made in necessary for Loni to move out of her home and take an apartment in town. I remember all to clearly all the boxes that had to be moved. This move was when Loni thus moved all of the many things from Auntie, Helene, Jeannie and Loni into town to be kept in the apartment with her.
Loni passes on 21 August 2010
Loni lived in the apartment for about three years and then she too passed away. This is when my duties as executor began and for the next seven weeks, I would spend eight to sixteen hours each day working at organizing all of the things from Auntie, Helene, Jeannie and Loni.
Half Price On Now!
The first weekend was quite a success with large amounts of the possessions leaving out the door with their new owners. However, the four who had collected all of it had been doing it all of each of their lives and each did so love to collect stuff.
About mid week, I decided that it would be very hard to reprice everything, but that it would be much easier just to reduce every thing to half price. I even included new signs on the highway which read: Half Price On Now! This brought a whole new group of people in and even encouraged many who had previously come to return.
One Dollar Sale On Now!
The sale continued on the next Saturday and Sunday and a large number of the things were taken by the local residents, especially on Sunday when everything was reduced to one dollar each and then two for a dollar in the afternoon. The local community is mostly disabled and disadvantaged persons because the apartment project is rent subsidized by the state. During the sale, I am able to meet many of Loni′s neighbors and even learned some of their names. Many made comments on how much they liked Loni and wanted something to remember her by.
What Remains Goes to Charity
Sunday evening, when I put the final closed sign on the front door, there is still a lot of stuff left over. It is late that evening when several of the friends offer their help to box everything up for charities. I tell them I am exhausted and want to just go to bed, but ask that instead of doing it tonight, could they tomorrow afternoon. They all agree, say goodbye and leave.
Monday morning, I arrive early to begin cleaning and then in the afternoon, these same good friends arrive to begin wrapping and boxing all the remaining things. Before the work begins, I tell them all that they may each take anything they would like for themselves, that before beginning work they should take what every they want and put it in their vehicles first. Then, we all get busy at packaging up all of what is left. At seven pm, I leave to get something to eat and a short time after returning, call a halt to the work, thank everyone and send them all home.
Cleaning the Apartment
Once I am alone in Loni′s apartment, I look around and see that the vast majority of the packaging work is already complete. It then comes to me that the task of cleaning the apartment before the end of the week appears very possible.
Then on Tuesday morning I awake at six, arrive at the apartment before seven and begin stacking the boxes for pick up in one room and to clean the rest of the apartment. I leave at ten pm to go home only to arrive on Wednesday for another fifteen hour day of scrubbing.
By mid-morning Thursday, all of the charities had acquired their new treasures and I then concentrate on the final cleaning. I do not leave on the day until after ten. I arrive Friday morning at six and by four in the afternoon, the keys are in the hands of the management. After that, I go out for supper and then head home, get right into the sack and fall asleep immediately.
Over the last seven weeks I have thought much about Loni, her love of art, her love of the Bible and especially what she meant to me; I will admit that during my time in her apartment, the tears came often. She was an exceedingly good friend to me; I only wish I had more friends like her.
The one thing that saddens me from my experience of being an executor is the greed that I saw in those who came into her apartment but, I guess that I should have expected this because as the Bible says in reference to the world we live in, that it is the system of things which will only go from bad to worse.
Too, I rue the day she died and that she was not able to continue this journey in the observation car but needed to go to the sleeper car at the back of the train. I do so look forward to seeing her upon her awakening when we all arrive at our destination.
(Day 716 BR) 32°F. (Day 190 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
It is especially nice this morning that I am able to sleep in until seven and today is the first day in a long time that I haven′t awaken still tired. Too, I know that I will need to continue sleeping long hours to eliminate the sleep debt caused by the enormous amount of hours used taking care of Loni′s estate. Together with income tax, I have been using some of my free time since to upload some of Loni′s art to my and have just about got it completed.
Too, I have been trying to clean up my home, it being a mess because of all of the things brought here from Loni′s apartment, things that I am still going through, but things I hope to finish dealing with soon as I wrap up the work on Loni′s estate.
Tomorrow, I am going to a one day assembly in Bellingham just an hour north and I do look forward to the spiritual food that will be served. A few weeks ago, I talked with my sibling, Robert who just moved to the coast of Oregon with his family. He invited me to come visit and I told him that I would, but it would have to wait until after the estate sale and after I complete my taxes.
Those things are near to complete now and I think that I will drive down the coast this coming week.
Sunday, 17 October 2010. Oak Harbor, WA.
(Day 715 BR) 33°F. (Day 191 IP)
Overnighting in the garage
I have just returned from the special assembly and as expected there was truly a large portion of spiritual food served. Psalm 62:8 tells us that "God is a refuge for us" and the theme scripture was Psalms 118: 8-9. I especially enjoyed the part where we were encouraged to imitate the Almighty by being a refuge to others.
Right during the part given by the guest speaker from Brooklyn, there was a fire alarm that went off and we had to evacuate the school auditorium. I timed the whole event and just before we resumed the program, I went up and told the Circuit Overseer the times. He immediately wrote the times down and when he returned to the platform, he told everyone that we were all to be commended because we were out of the auditorium in five minutes.
Then in eight minutes, the fire department arrived and cleared the building. He then said that is has now been less than twenty minutes since the fire alarm went off; there was an immediate loud applause from all the friends.
Later, during the personal interview of our new circuit overseer, the brother asked the circuit overseer if he had ever had any interesting experiences. The circuit overseer said, "Once I was in an assembly where we had to evacuate the building." Again, the friends resounded with a round of first laughter and then applause.
Tomorrow, I will prepare my van for the trip south along the coast.

Later, I realize that even though can vegetables are fine while traveling, frozen vegetables are much better, especially when there is a refrigerator available.
The last time we did a remodel, which was mostly painting the interior, there were about ten who came to help for the whole job. RBC is an acronym for Regional Building Committee.
Vagabond is an ambiguous term with the first definition having a negative connotation describing a person who is 1. a tramp, vagrant and an idle, disreputable, or shiftless person. However, the second definition has a positive impression: 2. one who wanders. Nevertheless, in all definitions, it refers to someone who lives an unconventional, nonconforming way of life, much like artists and poets did in the middle ages and like many Christians did by their neutral stand during the decades and centuries after the death of Christ. In my writing, when I use the word vagabond I am using it in the sense of a person who wanders or a person who loves to travel. Synonyms for vagabond are hobo, journeyer, nomad, traveler, tourist, voyager, wanderer and of course, wayfarer.
Earlier, while perusing my dictionary, I found a new word. A Windjammer is a sailing vessel, usually slow moving and out of date; so called originally in contempt by seafarers on much faster steamships. When I travel, I am never in a hurry and others are always passing me. Too, vans have always been know for pushing a lot of wind aside while going down the road. So, officially today, I will begin calling my green van the windjammer.
I have included some of Loni′s art work on this web site. In fact, all of the art work used to portray each of the seven Wayfarers is her art.

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