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The Appendix
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The Real Way

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  A Wayƒarers Quill Strokes
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The Real Way Go Down Go Up
Real Way  n. jour. 1. The path a wayƒarer must needs walks to obtain the real life.
This is The Way
A wayƒarer chooses to walk this life journey to insure that he focuses his entire existence on the doing of God′s Will. (Matthew 6:10)
On this journey, a wayƒarer endeavors to become adept in how he is taking the steps on this path to life, learning all he can about each type of step so as to insure he has the ability to continue unabated upon this way. (Isaiah 30:21)
The Real Way examines seven necessary steps a wayƒarer walks, steps which will insure good health and well being in the life journey; thus when a wayƒarer walks the steps upon the way in good health, he can rest assure that his whole heart, mind, soul and strength may be presented worthily to God. (Mark 12:30)
As a wayƒarer quests for the real life, he should become proficient in his ability to take these steps upon the way, also known as the summit path on the mountain.
Not the Way of Our Grandfathers
This is not the same time and place as when our grandfathers lived nor is the life we live any thing close to the way it was when they walked the earth.
Instead, due to the extreme greed of the food industry, we live in a time when all people are constantly exposed to an entire regiment of toxic substances, especially those that contribute to the fattening and poisoning of America.
These toxins, called obesogens are addictive chemicals, purposely included in processed foods to keep consumers wanting more. These same ingredients are what cause in us the our fatigue, poor health, stress, weight gain and worse.
For the sake of maintaining their billion dollar profits, the health industry has just as much guilt in the poisoning of America, because their clients, under the guise of good health, are loaded down with many toxic pharmaceuticals. However, the truth of the matter continues to come through as the deception of avarice.
Dream Well My Son
The Real Way is a simple, reasonable approach towards good health, living well and longevity. The Real Way is an elevated path, one upon the high path on the mountain.
Furthermore, The Real Way is a path that embraces the primary innate needs and one which not only promotes good health and well being but more important, one that can only aid in a wayƒarer′s quest for the real life.
Notably, The Real Way is not just a diet as it endeavors to embraces all those things necessary for life on the mountain. Neither is The Real Way a weight loss plan even though weight loss is a benefits for those of us who are overweight.
Therefore, The Real Way is a guide to educate us in understanding all of the factors which contribute to debilitating diseases, particularly weight gain (obesity) which is what most people experience every day of life.
However, methinks the most important benefit acquired from this educational guide, The Real Way, is the lessening of disease, first by removing those toxins which cause most modern disease and second by providing the proper nutrition needed to heal the the body and keep it healthy.
This is what awaits those who begin their walk on the path to the summit, not what the silver bullets offer: loss of memory; loss of cognizance; and loss of self.
Just as Mashipacong told his great grandson White Wolf, Men become what they dream, Dream well my son, so it has come down to today, we too must listen to the profits of old, pay attention to what they spoke, read what they wrote down and preserved as the holy writings of the most high God. (Jeremiah 6:16)
The Responsibility for Your Health
Each and every one of us has to take the responsibility for our own health and ultimately our own life. This matter seems to always be quite hard because we each have much that opposes our success in this mater.
From everywhere, we have contradictory information bombarding us, chemicals which possess the ability to alter our brain and thinking ability, and an onslaught of toxins that increase weight loss resistance, all which are the opposition we receive from secular sources. Still, every day, we also have to contend with oppositions from other sources, including our own sinful inclinations, the nefarious world, and the wicked spiritual forces in heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12)
Yes, this is a life long struggle for us and any real victories are hard fought.
However, despite all the opposition, The Real Way can help us in remarkable ways to fight these battles. This life journey is not a short term program but a sustainable total life transformation and we must keep in mind that it can only be obtained one step at at time.

The Steps Upon the Way
This life journey is not a short term program but a sustainable total life transformation and we must keep in mind that it can only be obtained one step at at time. This is so much like taking on the task of hiking the entire Appalachian Trail, a formidable task indeed, both physically and mentally.
The Appalachian Trail is five million steps in length, and when one takes on such a monumental task, this person must keep reminding the self, the only way to complete this trail is One Step at at Time.
A Wayƒarers Quill Strokes
(a5r.19780807) The Appalachian Trail, One Step at a Time.
Your Life is About to Change
As long as this old system continues, all of us here on the mountain are imperfect and in being so, we will never obtain the perfect walk, nor is any path we take in our imperfect bodies, the perfect path. That perfect path will come when the paradise arrives, but until then, it only makes sense to keep the body God has given us in the best condition as possible. This way, our dedication and service to him can continue in a way befitting to the task until that paradise does arrive.
However, notable changes can occur to those walking on the spiritual life journey, that which is called herein, the Summit Path.
Would you not love to see sugar cravings totally disappear and to see mental clarity and strength take it′s place. This is what awaits those who begin their life journey upon this path to the summit.
Success of achieving the summit is determined by individual commitment to each and every step of the life journey and thereafter becoming proficient in walking each of the seven steps on the way.
The Seven Steps Upon the way
As humans living upon the mountain, we all possess many needs such as clothing, companionship and shelter. However there is another list of needs which are better referred to as the primary needs, needs that are intrinsic to out existence and which have the greatest influence on our everyday health and well being.
Methinks that to satisfy these primary needs, there are seven steps upon the life journey in which a wayƒarer should concern himself with, steps that he should endeavor to become adept at taking on this summit path.
The seven steps are: air, exercise, food, sleep, supplements, water and worship.
The subsequent pages of this section of The Real Way will examine in detail each of these seven steps upon our life journey on the summit path.
The Physical and the Mental
Thus, the Steps Upon the Way will invariably lead to a change in one's attitude, bearing and thinking; a change achieved by taking in knowledge about, pondering upon and giving heed to all the forces of life that keep each of us alive, healthy and strong. The steps upon the way can only be accessed along the path to the summit upon the mountain.
Too, there is need for a wayƒarer to distance himself from steps on the old paths of the valley plains. Once these have been halted, only then can the steps upon the way help to cure disease, increase vitality and sustain longevity.
Furthermore, the steps upon the way, like jewels, have different facets, physical and spiritual being just two of these juxtaposing paths.
The pages that follow will examine the seven steps that are on the Life Journey known here as The Real Way. These seven steps (in alphabetical order) include: Air, Exercise, Food, Sleep, Supplements, Water and Worship.
Each of the seven steps help to fulfill one or more of our primary innate needs, together all promote good health, well being and lead all those who take these steps upon their Life Journey.

The Air Go Down Go Up
Step One is Air
Without food, a person will die in weeks. Without water, a person will die in days. Without air, a person will die in minutes.
There is an innate need not only to breathe but to breathe in clean air. This is an important step which sustains life. One must ask, "How do I breath? Is my breathing just routine, preformed unconsciously and usually shallow?" Most of us have never given any thought to the answers to these question because it has never been explained to us the reasons why we should breathe differently.
Yes, with a little concentration, discipline and lots of practice, breathing deeply and rhythmically will come to be a regular occurrence in our life. Then, we will develop our breathing capacity and find that regular deep breathing will regenerate our body, help cure diseases, and provide vitality.
Sometimes you just need to take a break, step outside for a breath of fresh air and while you are breathing in deeply, consider where you are on your path of life. Too, think about the future and the wonderful promised paradise God has in store for all of his faithful servants.
To read more of the need for air, click on the Air link above.

The Exercise Go Down Go Up
Step Two is Exercise
Probably the necessary life step most often ignored by most is regular exercise, exercise that is done right and more importantly, not overdone. This is just one more must need for our ultimate health and vitality.
As for regular exercise, running has not been an option for me for a long time and walking has been seriously limited ever since March 2013 when I was over 320 pounds. Having gained that much weight most likely did damage to my legs and reduced their ability and strength. Still, walking can be done now for short distances but methinks that I would like to lose more weight before I will be able to do any sustained walking.

The Food Go Down Go Up
Step Three is Food
It has long been said, We are what we eat! Yes, we have all heard this expression before. But most just never quite believe it to be true because that hamburger, fries and soda eaten yesterday for lunch didn′t cause us to get sick. In fact, that meal tasted so good and filled us up just perfectly.
This Statement is just as True as it is Hard to Understand.
We Are What We Eat! The nutritional content of what we eat determines the composition of our cell membranes, bone marrow, blood, hormones and more.
Consider that each day in an average person′s body, about 300 billion cells die and must be replaced. Where does the body get the raw material to create these billions of new cells if not from the food we consume. In order for our bodies to manufacture healthy cells, we need to consume the right nutrients and that is why we need living food, food that has the right building material for cell creation.
Too, in the effort to acquire nutrition, there is need to distance oneself from the low path of nutrition deprived, poor quality foods and drink consumed by those walking upon the valley plains in this world. Yes, the need is to climb upward onto the summit path to acquire the living food that nourishes the body, mind and soul.
To read more of the need for living food, click on the Food link above.

The Sleep Go Down Go Up
Step Four is Sleep
Upon this way to life, there is need to take steps to insure ample and quality rest, as sleep is indispensable for healing, restoring and building our body cells.
For example, sleep is involved in healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels. Ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.
To read more of the need for sleep, click on the Sleep link above.

The Supplements Go Down Go Up
Step Five is Supplements
Some time back, while listening to a public radio station, I heard the radio host say that one of the US Presidents stated that the American farm land is now depleted of all nutrients. When the radio host was asked which President made that statement, the host said that it was Franklin Roosevelt shortly after he was elected in 1932.
Methinks, if it the nutrients were depleted in the nineteen thirties, then how much more so are the nutrients absent in the foods grown now.
Too, it was then that I gave serious consideration for finding what would be the best vitamins and minerals to take, quality supplements that actually help increase nutrition intake.

The Water Go Down Go Up
Step Six is Water
Water is a fundamental human need. Each person requires between 5 to 12 gallons of clean, good quality water each day for drinking, cooking, and bathing.
Next to air, water is the substance most necessary for human existence. Every living cell in the body depends on water to carry out essential functions. It is not difficult to understand why drinking enough water is so extremely important when we realize that nearly 70% of the body's weight is made up of water.
More than Clean Water.
When the water is not only clean, but also fresh and pure, it does more than quench your thirst, it keeps your body in optimum working order. Benefits of living water include: (1) increases energy and endurance; (2) helps in body weight control; (3) aids in digestion and elimination of toxins; (4) helps to build muscle; (5) helps your joints remain strong and flexible; and (6) helps to keep the body young.
To read more of the need for fresh water, click on the Water link above.

The Worship Go Down Go Up
Step Seven is Worship
Foremost in achieving the journeys end to this Way is in recognizing that we are poor in spirit and must needs fulfill our spiritual needs. (Matthew 5:3)
What good would it be to obtain great mental focus, superb health, longevity of life, and even wealth, but then, in the end, we grow old and finally succumb to death, which everyone does. However, what would be worse, is if we do so without having given credit to the one whom credit is due.
Yes, I am referring to that one need we have that demands that we first acknowledge and then give thanks to the Creator for giving us life. (Mark 8:36)
Indeed, without fulfilling this most important step on the Way, that of satisfying our spiritual need, the gaining of all the other needs will never effectuate true health, vitality and long life.
The Real Way
There is a way in which we can walk, a path which will lead to the Real Life. (Matthew 7:14) This way that Jesus told his disciples about is one which involves effort on our part to find it. Where does one look to find it?
Are there Bible examples of ones who had the opportunity but failed to learn the will of God and then apply it in their lives? Yes, a good example of those who failed to do this are the Israelites.
The following page will examine how we can avoid their bad example.
To read more of the need for spiritual food, click on the Worship link above.

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