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Life Journey Step Two

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The Life Journey Steps Two, Exercise
Step Two is Exercise
Probably the necessary life step most often ignored by most is regular exercise, exercise that is done right and more importantly, not overdone. This is just one more must need for our ultimate health and vitality.
As for regular exercise, running has not been an option for me for a long time and walking has been seriously limited ever since March 2013 when I was over 320 pounds. Having gained that much weight most likely did damage to my legs and reduced their ability and strength. Still, walking can be done now for short distances but methinks that I would like to lose more weight before I will be able to do any sustained walking.
On my way west, I stop for a short time in Plattsburg, New York on the west shore of Lake Champlain where I take up an office space in the w-mart for a couple of days. While there, I meet many people but the most interesting one is a woman who speaks of and promotes a method of walking, even a life style. She tells me that we all need to get our bodies in tune with our breathing and that the best way to exercise should be done in a way that connects our breathing with our walking. She calls this type of walking the Afghan walk.
The conversation with that woman makes me think of the breathing technique that I had developed while hiking on the AT, a techniques that I found was necessary so that I could keep walking day after day, mile after mile, week after week, for those two thousand plus miles between Georgia and Maine. It was all about deep breathing and keeping a rhythm between my breathing and my step. After working on this breathing for many days, I am able to develop the technique so that I could walk continuously without stopping to catch my breath. Once this breathing technique was learned, the only time I would need to stop was when I needed to eat something or to enjoy a view.
The remembrance of that time in my life encouraged me to look further into this breathing and exercise connection. This is what I hope to do soon, but as mentioned, I must need loose fifty more pounds before methinks my legs will not cause me to suffer.
Am I Just looking for Excuses?
Upon revisiting this page at a future date and re-reading the above paragraphs, methinks, the above comment about my legs has been my excuse for not exercising. I wonder, how much longer will I keep using this excuse for my not starting to walk each day. Yes, there is need to pray about this and ask for help to add exercise to my daily routine.

The Life Journey Steps Two, Benefits of Exercise

The Life Journey Steps Two, Spiritual Exercise
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