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Life Journey Step One

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The Life Journey Step One, Air
Step One is Air
Without food, a person will die in weeks. Without water, a person will die in days. Without air, a person will die in minutes.
There is an innate need not only to breathe but to breathe in clean air. This is an important step which sustains life. One must ask, "How do I breath? Is my breathing just routine, preformed unconsciously and usually shallow?" Most of us have never given any thought to the answers to these question because it has never been explained to us the reasons why we should breathe differently.
Yes, with a little concentration, discipline and lots of practice, breathing deeply and rhythmically will come to be a regular occurrence in our life. Then, we will develop our breathing capacity and find that regular deep breathing will regenerate our body, help cure diseases, and provide vitality.
Sometimes you just need to take a break, step outside for a breath of fresh air and while you are breathing in deeply, consider where you are on your path of life. Too, think about the future and the wonderful promised paradise God has in store for all of his faithful servants.
Fresh Air is a Must Have
Air is the most essential element needed to sustain life. Overall health of your body and mind in a great degree depends upon the amount of pure, fresh air breathed.
For all the cells of our body to function properly, they need four things: oxygen, water, nutrition and cleansing. Even though you body cells can exist on decreased levels of water, nutrition and cleansing, without oxygen a cell will die in three minutes.
Fresh Air, Where?
In this busy world, most tend to spend all of their time inside and rarely gain the health benefits of spending time outdoors.
The main problem today, is finding genuine fresh air to breathe into your body so that you can feel healthy and revitalized. Fresh air is that which is free from common pollutants found in most cities in the outdoor air.
Staying inside where the air is recirculated over and over by the air conditioning or heater, a person often forces his body to breath in stale air.
Even though you may think that just heading outside of your home is giving you access to fresh air, this often is not the case.
Most air pollution is man-made and usually comes from the combustions of fuels, found outdoors in large quantities in urban areas due to the increased populations living in such areas.
To acquire the benefits of real fresh air and breathe in pollutant free air, you must leave the city and travel to an area where there is a large population of trees. However, if you can not get out of town, try to visit a large park or open space nearby. These spots often provide the fresh clean air that you need to receive the benefits fresh air provides.
Also, it is important to recognize that indoor air pollution can be just as much a problem for our health. Indoor air pollution can be cause by inefficient fuel combustion from things like cooking, heating, lighting, pollutants from building materials, cleaning products and many other things.

The Life Journey Step One, Benefits of Air
The Benefits of Clean, Fresh Air
Blood pressure improves. Breathing in clean fresh air helps you heart to work better, polluted air cause it to work harder.
Boost Brain activity. Breathing in fresh air boost cognitive functions, improve memory, help to focus, and make difficult tasks easier.
Detoxify the body. Breathing in fresh air helps detoxify the entire body, helping the body to purge toxins. When the blood is oxygenated, it is more effective at removing toxins from the entire system, expelling them as waste.
Digestion improves. Fresh air helps to digest food more effectively, especially if trying to loose weight. After eating, it is good to take a walk outside.
Energy improves. Fresh air helps to increases you energy level. More oxygen has a positive effect on invigorating energy level.
Happier feeling. The amount of serotonin is directly affected by the amount of oxygen inhaled. Serotonin will significantly lighten you mood and promote a sense of happiness and well being. Fresh air helps you to feel more refreshed and relaxed.
Healing improves. Breathing fresh air has proven to boost healing and to increase recovery from both injuries and operations.
Heart rate improves. Breathing fresh air helps your hear to work better and improve your hear rate.
Immune system improves. Fresh air increases the ability of white blood cells to function properly in the body. White blood cells fight against and kill bacteria and germs. Fresh air helps keep the immune system strong and healthy.
Longevity of life. Breathing fresh air helps to delay aging by calming the mind, relieving anxiety and ease the nerves.
Lungs are cleaned. Fresh air helps the airways in the lungs to dilate more fully and improves the cleansing action done in the lungs. When exhaling, you release airborne toxins from your body.
Thinking ability increases. Fresh air helps you to think clearer and increases clarity, improves concentration and has a positive effect on you outlook in life.

The Life Journey Step One, Spiritual Air
Much like the atmospheric air that we breathe, there is spiritual air. Too, there is fresh clean healthy spiritual air as well as polluted spiritual air. What is spiritual air? A look at the Bible will provide an answer. (Ephensian 2:1-2)
The Prince of the Power of the Air
Who is this prince? None other than Satan the Devil, who, behind the scenes is controlling those who the Bible calls children of disobedience. Why would we ever want to breathe in the air that he is providing.
The air of the world, (or spirit) is the invisible, impelling force that incites disobedience to God. This same air (or force) encourages both the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes as well as the love of the money that is so readily available in the world. (1 John 2:16; 1 Timothy 6:9, 10)
The power of the air (or authority of the spirit) lies in its appeal to sinful flesh. This appeal is often presented subtlety, always relentlessly and, like physical air, it is pervasive. Further, the air of the world is hard at work among all of disobedient humans, which air is gradually and consistently cultivating in them ungodly traits including, ambition, greed, haughtiness, selfishness, as well as the spirit of moral independence and rebellion.
In effect, the spirit of the air progressively causes the traits of the Devil to increase in the hearts of humans
The Clean, Fresh Spiritual Air
As the Bible tells us, we need to guard our heart because the power of the air is pervasive and strong. (Proverbs 4:23) So, how do we resist the power of the air and keep ourself safe in the power and protection of the love of God?
We need to breathe in the clean, fresh air from God′s spirit, the spiritual provisions that are given abundantly to the people of God.
Too, here is where prayer is most helpful, and these are the prayers that God listens to and acts upon. We must always remember that God is much greater than the power of the air. (1 John 4:4)

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