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The Wayƒarer
The Appendix
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The Methinks  

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Personal Note From the Owner
In this day and age, with all the law suit crazy people in this world, we here at TWJ must needs put the above information in it′s place for everyone′s protection.
Yes, it has become a sad state of affairs when doing such becomes not only necessary but also the norm.
Too, you will see the above Important, Before Continuing information repeated on each and every page where we are endeavoring to provide help to our neighbors.
  A Wayƒarers Quill Strokes
That being said, all of the information provided within the Appendix Passage, especially in this section called A Wayƒarer′s Quill Strokes is free for any and all to access. Never have we or will we ask for a membership fee or a purchase price for any information that is presented in the Appendix Passage on this web site.

The Personal Opinion of a Wayƒarer?
Methinks  v. arch. 1. It seems to me. -v. jour. 2. In my opinion.
These are the words of a wayƒarer put to task on paper (or in this case, text on a computer screen) about nefarious practices of this world discovered by this wayƒarer and thus must needs be exposed because of their extreme wickedness.
Yes, all the quill strokes within The Methinks are, in fact, the personal opinion of a wayƒarer. Still, this wayƒarer knows his opinion must needs be based upon truth revealed through exhaustive research and after obtaining all available information on a subject, he reports his finding here in the quill strokes. 1 More topics are to follow.
The Sunglow
(m5da-sg.20091010.1848) Evening Sunglow, The Wayfarer′s Throne, Utah

The Research
Whenever this wayƒarer does research on any subject, it always amazes him how often there is need to learn new truth correcting what he previously had been taught to believe as truth.
This remains the case with each one of us, as we must search out the truth for ourselves or otherwise we stand to become modern day guinea pigs as a result of the propaganda coming from those nefarious commercial industries.

The Conclusion
In each topic listed in the menu, after all the research has been done and recorded on that topic page, a conclusion will be determined by this wayƒarer and provided near the end of the page.
Furthermore, these conclusions in almost every instance have been found to be contrary to what both the commercial pharmaceutical-medical industry, (health industry) and the commercial food grower-processing industry (food industry) are purporting to be the correct path to good health.
Too, until you have done your own personal research on the subjects, these conclusions will remain entirely the personal opinion of a wayƒarer.

Coming Soon
When you see the above words, Coming Soon on the section heading with any particular topic, the research material is either not yet prepared for uploading or the research is not yet complete.

The Way
The Way it was in Our Grandparents’ Day
Hometown North America in the nineteen-fifties was a much simpler time and place for Tommy Michel as a youth. His daily life often included weekday walking to school and Wednesday night Scout meetings. Saturdays always began with Catechism and depending on the season, the afternoon involved mowing the grass. There was always time for some ball playing or exploring the huge field behind his home, and then Sunday morning was spent in Church with his mom and siblings.
"For the most part" relates Tommy, "I was a healthy child, but occasionally, there was a need for me to visit the family doctor because my parents, especially my mother, believed that if you are sick, you must needs see the doctor." Like most people in north America, his parents believed in the popular notion that physicians knew how to cure what ails you and that the doctors always did what was in the best interests of their patients.
"I suppose", Tommy continues, "that my parents were not entirely wrong to believe in our family doctor to the high degree they did, because methinks, the doctors in that day and age, did know more about caring for people than they knew about the use of drugs; in fact, the pharmaceutical companies were not yet the powerful and influential industry that they would soon after grow to become."
The Suntouch, 2010 Journey
(m5da-st-10.20100125.0726) Suntouch at Playa Azul, Michocán, South of Mexico

The Way it is Now
Soon after leaving home in the late nineteen-sixties, Tommy came to believe that the medical profession, with the backing of the fast growing pharmaceutical industry became to be like a religion to most people of America in the day.
To quote the way the Tommy tells it, "Good health became the worship, the pharmaceutical companies began dispensing the holy grail (drugs) which came to be called silver bullets (the cures). The temple priests (doctors) would dispense new life (prescriptions) to the worshipers (patients) who would then give praises (payments) at the altar of the temple (pharmacy) and be healed from all their grievous ailments.
"The doctors, now, no longer just men, became high priests to the gods and thus given entrance to the inner chambers within this temple of worship and no one was allowed to question what they would preach about healing.
"However, this path is not one I could pursue, because I well knew that these doctors are men and make mistakes like the rest of us. I became more determined to refrain from seeing a doctor for any reason except if I were to break a bone or cut myself too severe to be fixed with the first aid that I learned while in Boy Scouts.
"My mother, however, never saw through this facade created by the combined commercial medical-pharmaceutical industry." (health industry) He continues, "Maybe she had been too deeply indoctrinated in this worship to desire a way out because she continued taking extremely large quantities of pharmaceuticals every single day for the rest of her life. Sadly, the last few years before she passed, she no longer recognized me, nor most of my siblings.
"When she had reached a point when it was no longer safe anymore to leave her alone, my youngest sister took mom into her home where mom stayed for several of her last years but even then, mom was in the final stages of totally loosing her ability of being cognizant.
"Mother then lost her memory including any real cognizance of who she was, she lost the ability to control her bodily functions and then she began loosing her ability to have meaningful communication or any relationship with most of those around her, including family.
"Some time later, it was necessary to admit her into a facility which could better care for mother in the condition she was in." Tommy continued, "My sister told me that after she began to loose her memory, she would say that she ‘wanted to go home’ and my sister told me that she understood that mother meant that she wanted to go to her childhood home to be with her mom."
By this time, Tommy′s mother had lost all of her recent memory, everything that made here who she was and all that she had left and could remember was bits and pieces of her childhood. Tommy′s mother finally succumbed to pharmaceutical induced toxin overdose on 01 November 2008 at the age of eighty-four years.
Ironically, this is the Only Way that the pharmaceutically created silver bullets has to offers all those who choose to worship at the temple of this holy grail.

This is Not the Way!
The combined agriculture, grocery and manufacturing industries (food industry), together with the backing and blessings from the government (FDA) are involved in a massive cover up and deception about which food is in reality healthy to eat.
For example, the food industry hides the truth about the bad ingredients contained within their products, particularly, their wide spread use of toxic products including high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), monosodium glutamate (MSG), soy lethician, polysorbate 80, propylene glycol and many other toxic food additives.
Look at the ingredients on commercially processed food products and you will find HFCS is not only in most products but is often one of the top ingredients, meaning that the amount of HFCS in the product is very high.
The food industry continues to claim HFCS is no different than sugar despite repeated clinical studies and scientific tests showing that HFCS is the cause of cancer, dementia, heart disease, liver failure, obesity, tooth decay, and much more.

There is A Better Way
Howbeit, there is another way in which to walk, one that does not end in total loss of everything that is the self, but instead results in a much more desired outcome.
This better way is the path called The Real Way within this website, the path Tommy has chosen to walk and which may very well leads to what is called in the Bible the real life. (1 Timothy 6: 19)
This section of the web site, The Methinks will deal with information that exposes bad practices of both the food industry and the health industry in their advancement of extreme greed.
To learn more about The Methinks subject of discussion, click on the item in the menu above and to the left.

The source of the information presented herein is the internet, such information is easily accessible and verifiable online. However, be forewarned, there is a lot of hype on both sides of any argument, and much examination needs be done to determine the side that is presenting the false facts. Usually, the side presenting the false facts is the side invested in the product and has much to gain from the public believing theirs misleading information.

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