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The Appendix
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On Cure for Diabetes

The Cure for Diabetes Go Down Go Back
IMPORTANT, BEFORE CONTINUING: Please click on the link at the bottom of this page and read the TERMS OF USE
Personal Note From the Owner
In this day and age, with all the law suit crazy people in this world, we here at TWJ must needs put the above information in it′s place for everyone′s protection.
Yes, it has become a sad state of affairs when doing such becomes not only necessary but also the norm.
Too, you will see the above Important, Before Continuing information repeated on each and every page where we are endeavoring to provide help to our neighbors.
  A Wayƒarers Quill Strokes
That being said, all of the information provided within the Appendix Passage, especially in this section called A Wayƒarer′s Quill Strokes is free for any and all to access. Never have we or will we ask for a membership fee or a purchase price for any information that is presented in the Appendix Passage on this web site.

The Basis for this Cure Go Down Go Up
The Life Path to the Summit
The basis for this cure is a lifestyle change, one which is a simple approach towards good health and well being; and one which embraces and satisfies all of our primary innate needs.
First, this lifestyle change involves making our minds over, by removing much of what we have previously been taught throughout our lives by religion, schools, medical professionals, the commercial and industrial organizations, government and yes, even family and friends. In fact, unbeknownst to all of the above people and entities, the God of this world is the one who in the background has been secretly directing them to teach such untruths. (2 Corinthians 4:4)
Next, we need to replace all of those previous concepts, ideas and understanding with reasonable principles of truth. The body of this truth found on this website is called the seven steps and continues to undergo a process of thorough research. As more of this truth is discovered, it will be added to that already recorded here on this web site.
Third, as we walk upon this life path we should endeavor to become adept with each of the seven steps which will help us obtain the goal of good health and well being. As we continue walking on our life path, striving to better take each of the seven step, we will find ourself ever closer in our quest for the summit.
The seven steps are: air, exercise, food, sleep, supplement, water and worship. To learn more about each of the steps, please find them in appendix five, entitled The Quill Strokes, under the section heading called The Real Way.

The Cure for Diabetes: The Right Food
The Life Journey: Step Three
When it comes to eating food, most of us want to think that we are making a choice of food that lead to a healthy life style. But how do we know if we are really making the right choice for good health?
If we look to the food and restaurant industries, they are daily bombarding us with a barrage of rhetoric from advertising in every walk of our life, which, in effect are stating Choose Our Food, We are the Healthy Choice.
I have not watched an hour of television without hearing the never ending calls for the consumer to buy the products they are advertised. If we were to examine what is being provide from these industries, we would only find out that they are only interested in one thing, their profits.
Thus, our only alternative is to find out for ourselves what real food is. Please come join our journey to find this alternative way of finding and preparing food that is good for us.

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