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The Appendix
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A Wayƒarer′s Liƒe Lessons

The Lessons Learned and Later Taken to Heart Go Down Go Back
Lessons Learned
AS A RESULT of his three year quest afoot, he was to acquire from his experiences, much in the way of practical wisdom. Further, he also was to take to heart several noteworthy lessons, those that he knew could only help him in the future and therefore, hopes that he will never need abandon and leave these lessons behind, much like he had easily done three years earlier with all his worldly possessions.
Indeed, he reasons in his heart that these lessons are meant to be keep close at hand to use in the years to come, even for them to become to him life lesson.
Furthermore, his determination is that in the years to come, these life lessons, all treasures to him now, shall continue to increase in number.
  Liƒe Lessons
Learning a life lesson is good for a wayƒarer, living a life lesson is good for a wayƒarer′s heart.
On My Honor
In his Scout troop as a boy, there was an opening ceremony at each meeting. When the time arrived for the meeting to commence, the Scoutmaster would stand up and silently raise his right arm in the Scout sign. 1
Upon seeing the Scoutmaster, each Scout would stand at silent attention and raise his arm in the Scout sign.
When the troop was at attention, the Scoutmaster would start reciting the Scout Oath which begins with the words "On my honor, I will do my best..." and the entire troop would join with him in reciting the Scout Oath.
Scout Oath
The Scout Oath has three separate expressions that follow the "On my honor, I will do my best..." each serving as a promise that a Scout makes both to himself and to the Troop. These promises are:
To do my duty to God and my Country and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.
Scout Law
As it was then, even now the Scout Law remains a list of twelve words following the expression "A Scout is" which words are: Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.
Just Words learned By Rote?
Embodied within the above words are profoundly found the foundation on which the Scouting organization is built and encompasses the entire conduct and goals a Scout should strive to achieve, both as a boy and in the life of the adult that the boy will later become.
Indeed, these ideals are notably high but have been thus elevated by intent.
Taken to Heart
As the boy this wayƒarer once was grows to adulthood, all those words learned while in Scouting continue to return to him in altogether new and different ways.
No longer words drilled by rote into a boy′s memory, these same words have become ideals now embedded deep within the heart. These simple words learned so many years ago continue to broaden in their meaning and scope through the life of this wayƒarer.
The following list has been organized in the order that the life lessons have been relearned and subsequently taken to heart by this Wayfarer.

Liƒe Lesson One. A Wayƒarer is Reverent Go Down Go Up
The Way of Holiness.   Isaiah 35:8
A wayƒarer must needs learn how to walk upon this way.
Too, a wayƒarer always endeavors to build appreciation for the simple truth that to keep taking steps upon this way, he must needs carry and read the one book given to men by God which will guide their lives and lead them on the way that their Creator desires them to walk.
This book is of course, the Bible.
Thus, in order to walk well upon this chosen path, a wayƒarer must needs read in his Bible each and every day so that he may obtain and maintain spiritual focus for the journey on his life′s path. With spiritual focus, he will be better equipped to avoid or overcome all the obstacles he will encounter on the way to the summit.
Too, to increase his appreciation and understanding of the word of God, he should meditate on the words that he reads, bethinking what the words tell him about God and His love for man.

Liƒe Lesson Two. A Wayƒarer is Thrifty Go Down Go Up
Ennobling the Art.   1 Timothy 6:8   Matthew 4:4
After long meditative walks with Solitude on the Appalachian Trail, this wayƒarer develops one of his most important guiding principles for his life: "The true needs of a man are five, even six: sustenance, clothing, shelter, work, companionship and for some, worship." (Order not definitive.)
To achieve agreement with this principle, a wayƒarer must come to fully understand and appreciate the profound difference between want and need. The following is an excerpt from The Wayƒarers Journal, Episode One, page 140.
“Since antiquity, man has failed to prudently distinguish between his wants and his needs, a determination that is usually entrusted to his desires. Sadly, all too often, the difference between wants and needs is blurred by external influence.
“Nonetheless, for a wayƒarer, in this weighty determination of which ones of his personal belongings and gear that are to be worthy enough to be transported as the burden, it is his aspiration and intention to find the perfect balance between want and need; thus it is assuredly necessary to suppress the want to a position of insignificance and ennoble the need into an art form.”
Thus a wayƒarer fervently avoids acquiring inutile possessions because each and every pound in the burden equals to a four pound load on the feet, two on each foot. A wayƒarer remembers that the designation as lightweight, or any other such descriptive word used by manufacturers to promote the selling of their gear, should never be the primary determining factor for what is chosen to go into his burden.
Ultimately, this lesson of thriftiness rings true with this principle: things do not bring happiness; rather things bring grief, living without them unleashes freedom.

Liƒe Lesson Three. Leather Always requires Breaking in. Go Down Go Up
Boot Leather
Through experience, a wayƒarer has become aware that no matter how soft the leather seems to be, all new boots require breaking in, and often it is longer than one would think it should take.
Before trying to break in new leather, a wayƒarer makes sure that his first aid kid is well stocked with those items he must needs when boots prove difficult.
To shorten the time required for breaking in leather boots, this wayfarer has learned that if he is to walk into water, saturate the boots through to the socks, and then walk until the boots are dry, it is less likely the books will prove difficult.

Liƒe Lesson Four. A Wayƒarer is always Prepared Go Down Go Up
Always Be Prepared
A wayƒarer knows that it is always beneficial to be prepared for any thing that may present itself. He understands that often it is just knowing what to do that helps him to maintain preparedness.
However, when it comes to the weather, a wayƒarer knows that it is particularly important to be prepared, especially more so when he is living and traveling out of doors.
Thus, a wayƒarer always carries in his burden clothing appropriate both for the weather and for the season.

Liƒe Lesson Five. A Wayƒarer is Clean Go Down Go Up
Cleanliness   2 Corinthians 7:1
A wayƒarer, when living outdoors, will clean himself before getting into his sleeping bag. If there is no hot water, he will take a cold shower or if necessary, go to a creek to wash up. If there is little or no water available, he will use rubbing alcohol on his bandana to clean the dirt and oil from his skin before sleeping.
Cold Showers
A wayƒarer must needs come to appreciate hot showers for what that truly are, a special treat and thus never consider them to be a necessity. Too, a wayƒarer learns that a person can do without hot showers entirely and still fare well. In fact, a wayƒarer learns to stay clean even when a shower, hot or cold, is not available.
During the process of selling his home, a wayƒarer came into his bathroom with the desire to take a hot shower but finds that the home inspector, on the day before, inadvertently turned off the water heater.
For the remaining days before the sale of his home, this same wayƒarer would take cold showers every day and in doing so, thus feels that this could help him to become better prepared for the coming great tribulation.

Liƒe Lesson Six. A Wayƒarer is Kind Go Down Go Up
A wayƒarer is polite to others always treating them with kindness, regardless of how they personally act towards him.
There is another wise expression that goes with this lesson, especially if another person is really getting under his skin. This expression is one that a wayƒarer always endeavors to hold true: "If you don′t have anything good to say to someone, don′t say anything."

Liƒe Lesson Seven. A Wayƒarer is Cheerful Go Down Go Up
Always Rejoice   Philippians 4:4
A wayƒarer rejoices on days when the sun shines, he accepts the rainy days and maintains his cheerfulness. A wayƒarer learns to always take the good with the bad, be it the weather, where he sleeps, what he has to eat, or even if his vehicle′s engine burns up on the side of the highway.
Thus, a wayƒarer comes to fully appreciate that no matter how bad the moment may seem to be, it will soon pass and the sun will shine once again.
Even when there is a prolong heavy rain, a wayƒarer knows that no matter how depressing it may currently seem, life afterwards is so worth the wait.

Liƒe Lesson Eight. A Wayƒarer is Loyal Go Down Go Up
Loyalty   Ephesians 5:1
A wayƒarer learns what is truly important for his journey to the real life and sets priorities in order to obtain his goals, then works towards his goal and forsakes all else no matter what the cost.
First and foremost of his priorities is to follow the example of loyalty that God has and continues to show his people.

Liƒe Lesson Nine. A Wayƒarer is Helpful Go Down Go Up
Helping Others (Acts 20:35)
A wayƒarer knows that helping other in need not only helps the one in need but is also good for one′s own self.
First and foremost in A Wayƒarers desire to help others is his desire to share the spiritual blessing he has come to appreciate and love in his life.
A wayƒarer, in order to save money during cold weather, puts on more clothes or blankets instead of just turning up the heat. A wayƒarer learns to sleep as often as possible without having the heater on which also will keep him healthier and his life longer.
Therefore, in the long run, doing this will be cutting back on energy resources and will thus help the environment and the earth.

Liƒe Lesson Ten. A Wayƒarer is Brave Go Down Go Up
A wayƒarer endeavors to set beneficial long range goals in order to further his service in the Lord′s work. Then he works at obtaining his goals.
When taking steps upon his journey, a wayƒarer who come to an impasse, will not stop seeking his goal, nor will hesitate to turn back to try a different approach, but he will stay focused on the his goal and strive to obtain it despite the costs.

Liƒe Lesson Eleven. Know Simplicity Go Down Go Up
Keep Focused on the Prize   Matthew 6:22
A wayƒarer keeps his possessions to a bare minimum which in turn allows for the following axiom to work well. "A place for everything and everything in it's place." This is a quote from Mr. Spock in one episode from the television science fiction series, Star Trek.
To Illustrate:
Several brother had stopped for a coffee break from the ministry and a discussion ensued about doing repair work on their own auto.
Warren comments about the status of his tools, "I have so many tools that I don′t know where most of them are. Often, when looking for hours to find a specific tool and not finding it, I go to the store and buy another. Then after beginning to work with the new tool, often I find where I put the other ones. Some of the tools, I have three or four of each."
Ray says, "My tool box is exactly the same way."
Then Tommy comments "I know exactly where all of my tools are!"
Ray asks, "How is that possible?"
Tommy answers, "Except for only a few tools which are needed most often and I keep in my small tool box, the rest of my tools are kept at the hardware store and when I need a special tool for a job, I buy it. After I am finished with the job, I give that special tool to one of my brothers to keep.
"Then, if I ever need the same tool again, I go and buy another one. This way, I don′t have to find a place for it, maintain it, remember where I put it. Also, when ever I need to use it, it is always brand new."

Liƒe Lesson Twelve. Acquire Need Level Go Down Go Up
Achieve Need Level   1 Timothy 4: 8
Often, a wayƒarer chooses as a life quest the achieving of need level. Need level is the time in a wayƒarer′s existence when the art form (of developing the need over the want) has been fully ennobled.
Too, this is a time in a wayƒarer′s life when he considers each and every possessions in his burden necessary for him to continue living.
Another aspect of his considering his possessions involves what the Vulcan Spock once said to Doctor McCoy who had just asked him, How do you keep your living quarters so tidy? Spock looked at his room and then replied with a simple truism, For every thing is a place, and every thing in its place.
Thus, I have learned that no only should every thing have a place, but in order to keep it in it′s place and also remember where that place is means that a wayfarer must keep his possessionship at need level.
Acquiring Need Level
In every instance of a wayƒarer′s life, before making a purchase, he asks himself, "Do I really need that?" If a wayƒarer is true to his calling, he will almost always give answer to this question by recalling both Life Lesson Two and Life Lesson Eleven, and choose to apply both before making the purchase decision.
In fact, the guiding principle applicable to both the application and the experience is: If you do with less, then you more than likely will have more.

Liƒe Lesson Thirteen. A Wayƒarer is Courteous Go Down Go Up
Be Thankful
A wayƒarer always carries his own burden in life, and never expects someone else to carry it for him.
Sometimes in life, it may be necessary for a wayƒarer ask someone for help. If when a wayƒarer receives help from another, he goes out of his way to be grateful to that person. He verbally thanks the person right away and then endeavors to do something special for that person. In the least it should be to send a card in the mail (or an email) thanking them again. Depending on how much help received, the something special should increase proportionally.
If the help that a wayƒarer needs is to borrow something from your friend, one of their possessions for any purpose, a wayƒarer makes it a point to always bring it back in as good or better condition that when it was loaned to the wayƒarer.
After cleaning the borrowed item, a wayƒarer should go the extra mile: tune it up; sharpen it; add a new spark plug; or whatever the circumstances call for. In this situation, a wayƒarer can never go overboard.

Liƒe Lesson Fourteen. A Wayƒarer is Trustworthy Go Down Go Up
Be Trustworthy
To be a trustworthy person is important because often, others depend on him to accomplish his assignment, so, he does what ever in necessary to overcome any obstacles he faces on the way.
No matter what he finds as obstacles along the path, whether the rocks, the roots, the ruts or even webs stretched across, whatever they are that present themselves to test his deftness in service of the most high God, a wayƒarer will prove trustworthy and fulfill his assignments.

Liƒe Lesson Fifteen. A Scout Promise To Keep Myself Go Down Go Up
Physically Strong  
A wayƒarer knows that to keep physically strong, maintain good health and keep off excess weight, he must needs drink a lot of water. In fact, a wayƒarer finds it beneficial to frequently fill up on water.
Also, in recent times, much research has been done on water quality and this has become an interest of this wayƒarer. He has recorded his findings about water in the Quill Strokes, as part of the Real Way.
Too, there is much research in the way of nutrition that may be found available to those who would want to know. This too has become a topic of research and much has been learned about this topic.
Furthermore, a wayƒarer knows that no matter how much praise is given a particular food by the manufacturer, their praise does not necessarily make the food good for you. Also, to live healthy, one must eat healthy food, in fact, it must needs be living food, which by has been thoroughly researched and the findings also recorded in the Quill Strokes, as part of the Real Way.
Foods to Avoid
In this section, I have found a lot of foods the are both not nutritious neither are they beneficial for good health.
One food in particular is cow milk. This so called food is actually detrimental to good health because of the growth hormones within. Just think, a calf has to grow three hundred pounds in one year, so, what do you think cow milk will do to humans. Remember this simple saying, If it is not your momma, then, it is not your milk.
When I tell people that saying about milk, many people will agree but still reply, Well goat milk is much better for you. I ask in a serious tone, What part of Not Your Momma did you not understand?
In reference to the list of foods that are detriment to humans, please see The Real Way, Life Journey Step Three, Foods To Avoid

Liƒe Lesson Sixteen. A Wayƒarer is Obedient Go Down Go Up
Be Obedient
Listening is foremost in striving to be obedient. Listen to instruction, apply it and then be blessed. This is most assuredly true when it comes to directions from the Word of God.

Liƒe Lesson Seventeen. A Wayƒarer is Friendly Go Down Go Up
To gain a friend, one must be a friend, thus says a principal that a wayƒarer always endeavors to live by.

Liƒe Lesson Eighteen. A Scout Promise To Keep Myself Go Down Go Up
Mentally Awake   Matthew 10: 16
The Bible says that the last days will be filled with wicked people, in fact it says that these one will grow from bad to worse. (2 Timothy 3: 13)
Since we are living in the final part of the last days, and there are a growing number of these wicked people who would cheat, deceive, defraud, embezzle, pilfer, rob, scam, steal, swindle or otherwise carry out their wicked schemes upon any one who would allow it, a Christian must be constantly on guard for any incursions from those who are the left side and destined for the cursing prepared for the devil and his lot. (Matthew 25: 33, 41)
A Case in Point.
On Day 428 TB, while sitting outside and sanding a cabinet, a man walking down the street greets me and when I reply in kind, he approaches me to shake my hand and says "Welcome to Hemet." A conversations began in which I quickly redirect the conversation to a Bible topic. In the hour long discussion, he shows genuine interest in what I am trying to teach him which gives me the impression that he would be a good candidate teaching the what the Bible really teaches.
What I did not know then, nor for some time after, is that he was perpetrating an elaborate scam on me. When he was ready to leave, he said "I have to walk down to the store to change a hundred dollar bill." and then paused for me to reply. And reply, I did, saying "I have two fifties." He walked away and said "I will see you soon and I will bring my Bible."
A week later when Richard and I were working outside, he returned to tell me an elaborate story about how he had been arrested and been in jail for the last week. He said that when he went to pay his rent, the landlord called the police for him having counterfeit money. Detective Calvin said that even my two fifties were counterfeit and took all the money he was carrying. "Now," he says, "I am afraid that I will have to go back and spend more time in jail." to which I replied, "You need to begin praying to God for help immediately."
When he leaves, Richard, who was listening to the entire event, speaks up and says "That is the biggest scam I have ever heard." Can you believe it, I was still thinking that the man was in trouble and needed help. In fact, that was all part of his scam; he would try to befriend the target, endeavoring to make himself look trodden upon and worthy of help. Really, did I fall hook, line and sinker into his trap.
A Lesson Learned
Later, I tell Richard that it was only a hundred dollars, and that I do really feel that about money, that it is just a tool for us until the paradise arrives. Still, in bethinking the words of Jesus at Matthew 10:16, "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." referenced above, as a Christian, I must needs be wise as serpents, ever vigilant against those who would defraud me in such ways.
So, in the future, I must remember this life lesson and always keep myself Mentally Awake against such ones.

Liƒe Lesson Nineteen. A Scout Promise To Keep Myself Go Down Go Up
Along with keeping physically and spiritually clean, keeping morally clean is imperative for the people of God, in fact, in all their life, they should stand out as distinctly different from the people of the world.
A wayƒarer will read the Bible daily, meditate on its principles and teachings, then apply what he has learned in his everyday life. Too, to help him keep strong and built up, he endeavors never to miss that gatherings of the people of God.

Liƒe Lesson Twenty. Buying Used Cars Go Down Go Up
When buying a used vehicle, it is very important to keep checking the fluid levels for the first several months. Doing this will prevent a surprise fluid level loss that might go down to a point where something mechanical could go bad.
The lesson was brought to my attention when purchasing my second jammer, the 1989 Aerostar. I left Oak Harbor, Washington and by the time I crossed the Rio Grande river on on Day 526 TB, there was blue smoke coming out of the back end of the van.
Soon after that, I checked the fluids and found out that the transmission fluid was very low, not even showing on the dip stick. When I did get to a place to by fluid, on on Day 532 TB, it required three quarts before the level was back up to where it should be. I did buy an extra quart just in case what ever had been causing it to go down continued.
Then on on Day 535 TB, thanks to my friend Joe, I am able to get the van up on a rack to pull the transmission and have it rebuilt. After that, I tell myself again, that from now on, this is a no-brainer lesson for me, when you buy a car, always keep a close check on all the fluids, for at least a month or two, just in case it has a leak such as this jammer had.

Liƒe Lesson Twenty-one. Self-sufficiency, Not Self-reliance Go Down Go Up
Coming Soon

The author no longer promotes Scouting nor the Scouting organization. However, the author often reflects on the ideals of Scouting, those that were inculcated in him as a boy and how these ideals often agree with the beliefs he now has as a Christian. That being said:
The raising of the Scout sign is a silent call to all present to come to silent attention and raise their arm in the sign. This is appropriate because as a rule, the Scout Oath is only properly recited by Scouts standing at attention with their right arms raised in the Scout sign.

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