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The Appendix
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A Wayƒarer′s Customer Services

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OUR CUSTOMERS have always been and will remain as one of our friends and we treat our friends like family. In today′s world, a true friend is a treasured possession indeed. So, it is our position, that when it come to the business of this website, we want to do what ever is necessary to assure that you are happy and satisfied with your dealings with any and all of us here at The Wayƒarers Journal.
And we really mean that, Scout′s Honor!
Please let us here at The Wayƒarers Journal know of your concerns and remember that we can not help you resolve a problems that you have until we know about it.
If you, as our customer and friend, are not satisfied for any reason in your dealing with the business of this website, please contact me personally at my email: Thom Buras
Just click on the red link directly above.
When we find out about your concerns, then we will do everything in our power to help you. If you are not satisfied for any reason, just give us the opportunity to correct the problem and we will try our hardest to fix it.

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