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Camping in something enclosed that has wheels is not camping, it′s Parking.

A wayƒarer always appreciates a comfortable campsite with just the right amenities. This Episode Level setion is designed to provide information as to which campsites are worthy of a wayfarer′s visit and for that matter even repeated visits. A rating system has been developed for determining how each campsite rates.
Emphasis is on cost, available water and other amenities at or near each of the campsite.
Previously, a random number on a scale of one to ten with a number that just felt right was chosen to set how the campsite was rated. With this new system, the rating bestowed upon a campsite at least with the current parameters of the system seems to be one that the site deserves.
With this system, it is now possible to rate a campsite with more than ten points. However, for most commercial campgrounds today, achieving ten or more for it′s rating is highly unlikely.
Nevertheless, for any campground to get a rating of even close to ten, that campsite will prove to be a one to use, even on a regular basis.
Double Lakes Recreational Area
Sam Houston National Forst
(a1c05.dou.20091103) Double Lake Campground, Coldspring, Texas
Many are the nights I have spent camping here, in fact, it all began here in February 1963, on the very first camping adventure with Boy Scout Troop 810.

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