The Wayƒarer′s Journal ©
The Wayfarer's Journal ©
The Wayfarers Journal
THE SEVEN WAYFARERS separately embark upon a quest to find the meaning of life by choosing to journey afield as thru hikers afoot on the Appalachian Trail. Nearing the end of their 2000 mile wrest, while deep in the Maine wilderness, each arrive at Sabbath Day Pond on Saturday, 21 July 1979 to pass the night.
Sitting by the fire, the seven each relate the hardships and joys experienced while thru hiking the trail, during which discussion, all wholeheartedly agree that traveling on this journey with other thru hikers has been the most amazingly wonderful companionship and sharing that each has ever before experienced.
That night, when one of the seven thru hikers asks the others, “When we are no longer walking on this foot path, where can we go to experience this same feather of comradery and fellowship?” not one is able to come forward with an answer to his question.
Later that season, all of the seven wayfarers complete their own end-to-end thru hike of the Appalachian Trail, after which each of these seven separately and unbeknownst to the others, spend their lives searching for the answer to that question.
Decades later, the seven wayfarers return to Sabbath Day Pond to camp together once again and at this gathering, when all are sitting around the campfire, each take turns telling the others the story of how they came to find the truth.
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by Thom Buras
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