The Wayƒarer′s Journal ©
The Wayfarer's Journal ©
The Wayfarer's Journal
The above verse gives clear forewarning that mankind′s existence on Earth is just seventy or eighty years. During this short journey, each and every one of us must individually choose where and how we would step so we may avoid the many obstacles along the way.
Thus, there is need for each one of us to ask the self: Upon which path am I to journey? Do my steps lead me deep into the valley plain; the path where most choose to step during their life journey?
Or should my choice of steps be on the upward path, that one which would lead me onto the heights, both physically and spiritually. Although the step may be hard, the climb difficult, the obstacles many, the time spent will be so worth every effort taken when the promise is obtained.
See Ya above the Treeline!
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